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(注:这个版本共有35个list 单词总数其实和完整版一样的,只是分list的方式不同,大家放心)
List 1
abandon         (to give up without intent to return)(surrender oneself to)
abase         (to lower in rank, prestige, or esteem)
abash         (to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of)
abate         (to reduce in degree or intensity)
abbreviate     (to make briefer)
abdicate     (to relinquish formally)
aberrant     (deviating from the usual or natural type)
abet         (to assist or support in the achievement of a purpose)
abeyance     (temporary inactivity)
abhor         (to regard with extreme repugnance)
abiding         (to remain stable or fixed in a state)
abject         (cast down in spirit)
abjure         (renounce upon oath)
abnegation     (renunciation;self-sacrifice)
abolition     (the act of doing away with or the state of being done away with; annulment)
abominate     (to hate or loathe intensely)
aboveboard     (be in a straightforward manner)
abrade         (to rub or wear away especially by friction:ERODE)
abridge        (To cut short; curtail)
abrogate     (to abolish by authoritative action)
abscission    (the act of cutting off)
abscond         (to depart secretly and hide oneself)
absolute     (complete;totally unlimited;certain)
absolve         (to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt)
abstain        (to refrain from something by one's own choice)
abstemious     (restraint especially in the consumption of food)
abstract     vt 1 摘要, 提炼, 抽象化 2 心不在焉
abstruse     (difficult to comprehend;recondite)
abuse         (to attack in words;revile)
abut            (to touch along a border or with a projecting part)
abysmal         (immeasurably low or wretched)
accede         (to express approval or give consent:give in to a request or demand)
accelerate     (to move faster•gain speed)
accessible     (easy to approach;obtainable)
accessory     (additional object;useful but not essential thing)
accidental     (occurring unexpectedly or by chance)
acclimate     (to adapt to a new climate, environment)
accolade       (an expression of praise)
accommodate     (to provide with something desired, needed, or suited
accost         (greet, hail, salute)
accretion     (the process of growth or enlargement by a gradual buildup)
accumulate     (to gather or pile up especially little by little;amass)
acerbic         (acid in temper, mood, or tone)
achromatic     (possessing no hue)
acme         (the highest point or stage)
acquiesce     (to accept tacitly or passively)
acquisition     (the act of acquiring)
acre        (a unit of area in the U.S)
acrid         (sharp and harsh in taste or odor)
acrimonious     (caustic , biting , or rancorous especially in feeling)
acumen          (keenness and depth of perception)
acute          (having a sudden onset, sharp rise, and short course)
adage          (a saying often in metaphorical form that embodies a common observation)
adamant          (unshakable or immovable especially in opposite)
adapt          (to bring into correspondence or make suitable)
addendum      (a supplement to a bo
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寄托蓝宝书 (7月20日)  机考类反单词精简版  (edited by hi2003)
List 1  abandon-----align

abandon (to give up without intent to return)
abandon•inhibition=voluble•terse  放纵•压抑=罗嗦的•简洁的(反义)
abandon•inhibition=conscious•numbness 放任•压抑=有意识的•麻木(反义)
abandon•inhibition=tranquility•agitation  放纵•压抑=冷静•激动(反义)
abandon•inhibition=despair•hope  放纵•压抑=绝望•希望(反义)
salvage ◆ abandon  救助 ◆ 放弃(to withdraw one's support or help from)

abase  (to lower in rank, prestige, or esteem)
abase•prestige=damp•ardor  降低•声望=抑制•热情 (动作及其相关对象)
abase•status=shorten•length  降低•地位=缩短•长度 (动作及其相关对象)
curtail•duration=abase•strength  缩减•持续时间=降低•力量 (动作及其相关对象)

abash  (to destroy the self-possession沉着 or self-confidence of)
【注:unabashed:not abashed 意思是不知羞耻的。同undisguised, unapologetic, brazen,
shameless, barefaced, blatant, brassy, brazenfaced, impudent, overbold, unblushing】
embolden ◆ abash/ faze 使大胆 ◆ 使不安/ 使狼狈

abate  (to reduce in degree or intensity)
abate•tax=alleviate•distress  减轻•税=减轻•压力(动作与其相关对象)
abate•force=fade•loudness  减轻•力量=减弱•声音(动作与其相关对象)
abate•intensity=taper•width  减轻•强度=逐渐变细•宽(动作与其相关对象)
abate•degree=discount•price  减轻•程度=减价•价格(动作与其相关对象)
intensify 强化  promote促进  augment 增加  increase in intensity  剧烈增长

abbreviate  (to make briefer)
extend 扩增  protract 延长

abdicate  (to relinquish formally)
abdicate ◆ constitute  让位 ◆ 任命
abdicate ◆ assume  放弃 ◆ 采纳
abdicate ◆ usurp  让位 ◆ 篡位

aberrant  (deviating from the usual or natural type)
aberrant•standard=digressive•topic  异常的•标准=离题的•主题
aberrant ◆ normal  异常的 ◆ 正常的

abet  (to assist or support in the achievement of a purpose)
abet•assistance=counsel•guidance  协助•帮助=顾问•指导(同义)
abet•encouragement=elucidate•clarity  协助•鼓励=阐明•清晰(行为及其结果)

abeyance  (temporary inactivity)
abeyance ◆ continuance 暂停 ◆ 继续
abeyance ◆ fulfillment 中止 ◆ 施行

abhor  (to regard with extreme repugnance)
abhorrence•dislike=adoration•fondness 厌恶•不喜欢=崇拜•爱(程度)
abhor ◆ greatly admire 痛恨 ◆ 非常崇拜

abiding (to remain stable or fixed in a state)
an abiding friendship 永恒的友谊

abject  (cast down in spirit)
exultant(得意洋洋的) spirited(生气勃勃地) exciting(兴奋的)

abjure  (renounce upon oath)
affirm 肯定  espouse支持  embrace支持

abnegation  (renunciation;self-sacrifice)
abnegate ◆ reaffirm  放弃 ◆ 重新肯定

abolition  n. 废除,废除奴隶制
abolition ◆ persist in slavery 废除奴隶制 ◆ 坚持奴隶制

abominate  (to hate or loathe intensely)
abominate ◆ esteem  憎恶 ◆ 尊敬

aboveboard  (free from all traces of deceit or duplicity)adv. 直率地,光明磊落地
(be in a straightforward manner)
surreptitious ◆ barefaced/ aboveboard  暗中的 ◆ 公然的/ 无欺诈的
chicanery ◆ aboveboard action  欺诈 ◆ 光明磊落

abrade  (to rub or wear away especially by friction:ERODE)
abraded•friction=vaporized•heat  磨损由于摩擦=蒸发由于加热
abraded•friction=desiccated•dehydration  磨损产生于摩擦力=干燥产生于脱水
scuff•abrasion=heat•vaporization  使磨损造成磨损=加热造成汽化
lubricate•abrasion=seal•leakage  加润滑油防磨损=密封防渗漏
abrade ◆ augment  磨损 ◆ 增加

abridge v. 删减,缩短
condensed ◆ unabridged 浓缩的 ◆ 未删减的
amplify(扩大)  extend in length;protract(延长)

abrogate  (to abolish by authoritative action)
embrace支持  uphold支持  institute创立

abscission  v. 切断
abscission ◆ process of grafting  切断 ◆ 嫁接

abscond (to depart secretly and hide oneself)
abscond•leave=(steal/ pilfer)•take  潜逃•离开=偷•拿(偷偷与正常)
abscond•depart=secrete•store=lurk•wait  潜逃•离开=隐藏•储藏=埋伏•等待
plot•scheme=follow•shadow=leave•abscond  策划•阴谋=跟随•尾随=离开•潜逃

absolute  (complete
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List 1   abandon----- aggregate
abandon        vt. 放弃 放任
abase             v. 贬低降低地位、威望或尊严
abash             vt. 使不安,使羞愧
abate             v.  减轻,减低
abbreviate         v. 缩写, 缩短,
abdicate         v. 让位,放弃
aberrant        adj.异常的,非常规的
abet           v. 帮助或支持
abeyance        n.中止 ,暂停,搁置
abhor           vt.憎恶, 痛恨
abiding    adj. 永久的,持久的
abject            adj. 卑微的;精神不振的
abjure         v. 发誓放弃
abnegation    v.  放弃,自我牺牲
abolition        n.废除,废除奴隶制
abominate        v. 憎恶
aboveboard    adj. 无欺诈的adv. 直率地,光明磊落地
abrade            v. 磨损
abridge   v. 删减 ,缩短
abrogate   v. 废除;取消
abscission        v. 切断
abscond    v. 潜逃
absolute         v. 绝对的,无限制的
absolve      v. 赦免;使无罪
abstain           v. 主动戒绝 ,自我抑制
abstemious    adj. 有节制的
abstract  vt. 1. 摘要, 提炼, 抽象化 2. 心不在焉
abstruse   adj. 深奥的
abuse            v. 辱骂,毁谤
abut              vi. 毗邻
abysmal        adj. 深不可测的, 无底的
accede      v. 同意
accelerate       v. 加速,促进
accessible      adj. 易接近的 ,可理解的
accessory      adj.附属的
accidental      adj. 意外的,偶然的
acclimate    vt. 使适应气候环境
accolade       n. 推崇备至,赞扬
accommodate      v. 提供方便大胆靠近
accretion         v. 逐渐增长
accumulate  vi. 积聚 ,堆积
acerbic       adj.酸的
achromatic   adj.非彩色的, 无色的
acme            n.顶点,极点
acquiesce       v.  勉强同意;默许
acquisition       n. 获得
acre          n.英亩
acrid          adj. 辛辣的,刺鼻的
acrimonious   adj. 刻薄的
acumen  n.敏锐, 聪明
acute            adj. 敏锐的,锐角的;急性的
adage          n. 谚语
adamant        adj. 固执的,不动摇的
adapt          vt. 修改,使适应
addendum      n. 附录
addict          v.  沉溺, 上瘾
adhere         v.依附,粘着
adjourn    vi. 延期,休会
adjunct      n. 附属物,附件
ad-lib         adj. 即兴的
admission      n. 许可入场,录取
admonish    v.  告诫,责备
adore         vt. 崇拜,热爱
adulate    v.  谄媚,奉承
adulterate      vt. 掺假
adumbrate     vt. 隐约预示
adversary      n. 敌手,对手
advert         vi. 注意, 留意 n. 广告
advertise      vt. 广告
advocate    vt. 主张,提倡
aerate    v. 充气
aesthetic n. 美学
affable         adj.易于交谈的,和蔼的
affected     adj. 假装的, 做作的
affection     n. 爱,情感
affidavit       n. 宣过誓的书面陈述
affiliate    v. 使成为会员,结盟
affinity         n. 天然倾向或喜好
affluent    adj.丰富的, 富裕的
agenda     n. 议程
aggrandize      vt. 增加,夸大
aggravate      vt. 加重,恶化
aggregate      n. 集合体 v. 集合,合计
list 2  aggressive ------- arachnid
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合成于2001年4月3日星期二  2:41:37 AM

abandon  vt. 放弃,沉溺
to give (oneself) over unrestrainedly

abash   a. 害羞的      
to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of    

abate   v. 减轻,降低
to reduce in degree or intensity  

abbreviate    vt. 缩写,使...简略,缩短    
to make briefer;  especially :to reduce to a shorter form intended to stand for the whole  

abdicate      v. 让位,辞职,放弃
to renounce a throne, high office, dignity, or function

aberrant      a.脱离常轨的
deviating from the usual or natural type:ATYPICAL

abet     vt. 教唆,帮助
to assist or support in the achievement of a purpose

abeyance      n. 中止,暂搁,停止
temporary inactivity:SUSPENSION

abhor   vt.憎恶  
(n. abhorrence) to regard with extreme repugnance

abiding       a. 永久的,持久的,不变的

abject        adj. ①凄惨的 ②怯懦的
cast down in spirit:SERVILE, SPIRITLESS

abjure        vt. 发誓放弃
to abstain from:AVOID

abnegate      vt. 放弃,舍弃,禁忌

abolitionism  n. 废除主义,废奴主义
principles or measures fostering abolition especially of slavery
abolitionist←→persiste in slavery

arboretum     n. 树园,植物园
a place where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes

aboveboard    a. 光明正大的,率直的
in a straightforward manner

abrasion      n. 表面磨损(v. abrade)
a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction

abridge       vt. 删节,缩短,剥夺
to shorten by omission of words without sacrifice of sense:CONDENSE

abrogate      v. 废止,废除
to abolish by authoritative action:ANNUL

abscond       v. 潜逃,逃亡
to depart secretly and hide oneself

absolve       vt.赦免;解除(责任等)
to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt

abstain       vi. 自制,戒绝,弃权,避免
to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice

abstemious    adj. 有节制的,节俭的
marked by restraint especially in the consumption of food or alcohol
abstemious:indulge=austere:decorate   { intransigence:control}

abstract      a. 抽象的,不具体的;n. 摘要,提要
having only intrinsic form with little or no attempt at pictorial representation or narrative content

abstruse      adj.深奥的
difficult to comprehend:RECONDITE

abuse   n./v. 辱骂,滥用
to attack in words:REVILE

accede        v.同意
to express approval or give consent:give in to a request or demand

accelerate    vt.vi. 加速
to move faster:gain speed

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abandon vt. 抛弃,放弃
abashed adj. 羞愧的,局促不安的
abate vt. 减少
abdicate vt.放弃权力
abduct vt. 绑架;诱拐
abhor vt, 憎恶,厌恶
abhorrent adj. 可恶的,可恨的,讨厌的
abide vi.vt. 遵守,忍受
ability n. 能力,能够
ablaze adj. 闪耀的,着火的
abnormal adj. 异常的,不正常的,
abolish vt. 废除,取消
aborignal adj. 土著,原始的,原来的
abortive adj. 失败的,未成功的
abridge vt. 缩短,删节
absolute adj. 绝对的,独立的
absolve vt. 赦免,解除,免除
absorb vt. 吸收,吸引,并吞
absorbing adj. 十分吸引人
abstain vi. 戒绝,禁绝
abstinence n. 禁戒,节制
abstract adj.摘要,提炼,抽象的。              (反义词:concrete具体的)
abstraction n. 抽象概念,摘要
abstruse adj. 深奥的,难解的
absurd adj. 荒谬的,不合理的,荒唐的
abundant adj. 充裕的,丰富的
abuse v. 滥用,虐待, 剥夺
academic adj. 学院的,理论的
accelerate v. 加速,增速,进行,迫使
accentuate v. 重读,强调,
access n. 接近,通路,入门
accidental adj. 偶然的, 意外的
acclaim v. 喝彩,欢呼,称赞
accommodate v. 供应,容纳
accompany v. 伴随,陪伴
accomplice n.从犯,帮凶,同谋
accomplished adj. 完成的,熟练的
accost v. 向人搭话
account n. 描述,原因,户头,账目
accredit vt. 归功于,认为
accumulate v. 积聚
accurate adj. 准确的,正确的
accusation n.控告,指责,谴责
accuse v. 控告,归咎
accustom v. 习惯
achieve v. 完成,实现,达到
acid adj.酸的,尖酸的,刻薄的
acknowledge v. 承认,属实,供认
acquire v. 获得,得到
acquisitive adj. 贪得无厌的,可获得的
acquit adj. 宣告无罪
acrid adj. 辛辣的,尖刻的, 刻薄的
acrimonious adj. 尖酸的,刻薄的
acrimony n. 刻薄,暴烈,尖刻
acting adj. 代理的
action n. 作用,行动
active adj. 活动的,活跃的
actual adj. 实际的,现行的
acumen n. 敏锐, 精明,聪明
acute adj. 敏锐的,急性的
adage n. 格言,谚语
adapt v. 使适应,改编
adaptable adj. 能适应的, 可改写的
adaptation n. 适应,改写
addict v. 对…有隐,沉溺于...着
addicted adj. 沉溺的,上瘾的
adept adj.擅长的,熟练的
adequate adj. 足够的,充分的
adhere v. 黏着,粘附,坚持
adherence n. 依附的,信奉的
adhesive n. 粘着的,粘着物
adjacent adj. 邻近的,附近的,毗连的
adjoin v. 贴近,靠近
adjoining adj. 接近的,邻近的,相连的
adjourn v. 延期,停止,休会
adjust v. 调节,使适于
administer v. 管理,照料, 执行
administration n. 行政,管理部门
admirable adj.可敬的,极好的,令人钦佩的
admire v. 钦佩,赞美,夸奖
admit v.承认
admonish v.警告,劝告,提醒
adopt v. 采用, 收养
adore v. 敬爱, 极喜爱
adroit adj. 熟练的,机敏的,灵巧的
advance n. 提出,前进
adverse adj. 敌对的,不利的, 相反的
adversity n. 不幸,逆境
advice n. 建议, 忠告
advisable adj. 合理的,可取的,适当的
advise v. 告知,劝告
advocate n. 辩护着,拥护
aesthetic adj. 审美的,美学的
affable adj. 和蔼可亲的
affect vt. 影响,感动
affection n.爱,情感
affectionate adj. 挚爱的,亲切的
affiliate v.加盟,入会
affinity n.类似处,密切关系
affirm v. 断言,比准,证实
afflict vt. 使痛苦,折磨
afflicting 痛苦的
affluence n. 丰富,富裕,流入
affluent adj.富裕的
afford v. 付的起,提供
age v.老化
aged adj.成年的,老年的
agenda n.议程
aggravate v. 恶化,加重
aggregate n.总数,总计
aggression n. 侵犯,侵害
aggressive adj.好斗的,
aghast adj.惊骇的,恐怖的
agile adj.敏捷的,活泼轻快的
agility n. 敏捷,活泼
agitate v. 煽动,搅动,激起
agonize v. 使受苦,使苦闷
agrarian adj. 土地的, 农业的
agreeable adj. 宜人的,令人愉快的
aim v. 打算,意欲,目的,瞄准
alert adj. 机敏的
algebra n.代数
alien n. 外国的, 陌生的
alienate v. 使疏远
alkali n.碱
allege v. 宣称,主张
allegiance n. 忠诚
allegory n. 讽喻,寓言
alleviate v. 使减轻
alliance n. 联盟,同盟
allocate vt. 分配,定位置
allot v. 分配,指派
allude v. 提及,暗指
allure v. 引诱,诱惑,吸引
allusion n.引示, 暗指
ally v. 同盟,结盟
alone adj. 单独的
alter v. 改变
alternate n.替代物,v. 轮流,adj. 交替的
alternative n.可选事务,adj.两者条一的
altruism n.利他主意
aluminium n. 铝
alumnus n. 男校友
amalgamate v. 混合,合并
amass vt. 收集,积聚
amateur n. 业余的,业余爱好者
amazed adj. 惊愕的
ambiguous adj. 含糊的,
ambitious adj. 有野心的,雄心的
amenable adj. 有责任的,肯接受的
amend v. 修正,改进, 订正
amiable adj. 友善的,和蔼的
amicable adj. 和平的, 和善的
amount n. 量,总数,数量
ample adj. 充足的,足够的
amplify vt. 放大, 扩大
analogous adj.类似的,相似的
analogy n. 类似,类推
analysis n. 分析,分解,解析 (复数 analyses)
anecdote n. 轶闻,轶事
angle n.角度,角
anguish n.极度的痛苦,苦闷,苦恼
animated adj.有生气的, 热烈的,活跃的
annex v. 附加,附件
annihilate v. 销减,歼灭
annotate v. 注解
announce v. 宣布,通告
annoy v. 使恼怒,打扰
annually adv. 每年的
annul vt. 废除,取消
anomalous adj. 反常的,不规则的
anomaly n. 异立,异常,变态
anonymous adj. 匿名的
antagonism n. 敌对,对立,对抗
antagonist n. 敌手,对手
anticipate v. 预料,预期,期望
antique adj. 古代的
antiquity n. 古代
antiseptic adj. 防腐的,杀菌的
anxious adj. 渴望的
apathetic adj.冷淡的
aperture n. 孔,开口
apex n. 顶点, 最高点
apologize vi. 道歉
apparel n. 服装,衣服
appeal n. 呼吁,申述
appear vt. 出现,似乎
applaud v. 喝彩,欢呼
applicant n. 申请人
application n. 请求,神情,施用
appoint n.任命,委任, 约定,
appraise v. 鉴定,评价
appreciate v. 重视,感激
apprehend v. 忧虑,畏惧,捕捉
apprehension n. 担心,害怕
apprentice n.学徒
appropriate adj. 适当的,恰当的,拨款,挪用,没收
approve v. 赞成,称许,批准
approximate adj.近似的,大约的
apt adj. 有倾向的
aptitude n. 才能,自然倾向
arable adj. 适于耕种的
arbitration n. 调停,仲裁
arbitrator n. 仲裁着
archaic adj. 古的
ardent adj. 及热情的,热情的
ardor n. 热心
arduous adj.
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abandon chuck, desert, forsake, quit, renounce, throw over
abase bemean, degrade, demean, humiliate
abash confound, confuse, discomfit, disconcert, faze
abate lull, moderate, relent, slacken, subside, wane
abbreviate abridge, curtail, cut,retrench, slash
abdicate discard, shed,slough, renounce, resign
aberrant anomalous, atypical, deviant
abet aid, assist, benefact
abeyance doldrums,latency, quiescence, suspension
abhor detest, execrate, loathe, contemn, disdain
abiding enduring, firm, steadfast, steady
abominate abhor, detest, execrate, loathe
aboveboard forthright, plain dealing, straight
abrade corrade, erode, gall, graze, rub, ruffle, wear
abrogate discharge, dissolve, quash, vacate, void
absolve exempt, discharge, dispense, excuse, relieve
acme apex , apogee climax, peak, pinnacle, summit zenith(这么多顶点都要记住啊)
acquiesce assent, accede, agree, consent
adage saying, word, proverb, saw  谚语,  byword 格言,谚语,笑柄
admonish reprove, chide, monish;rebuke, reprimand, reproach
aggrieve distress,constrain, grieve, hurt
alienate estrance, alien, disaffect, disunify, disunite, wean
anterior antecedent, former,precedent, previous, prior
antic fantastic,bizarre,grotesque
aphorism maxim, apothegm, axiom, gnome   注意:格言与谚语的不同
appropriate pilfer, pinch, purloin
arduous difficult, labored, laborious, strenuous
argot cant, jargon, slang, vernacular
ascendant dominant, master, overbearing, paramount, predominant
aspect look(外表), mien(风度), seeming (外观)
assertive aggressive , assertory, militant, pushful, pushing, pushy, self-assertive
atrocious outrageous, desperate, heinous, monstrous
auspicious favorable, benign, fortunate, propitious, lucky
bargain huckster(叫卖), palter(斤斤计较)
base virtuous 品德高尚的   noble 高贵的   sublime 崇高的   patrician 贵族的
bigot enthusiast, bug, fanatic, fiend, maniac, zealot
bland balmy, suave, soft,smooth, gentle
blandishment flattery, adulation , allurement
blasé disenchanted,unconcerned
blemish harm, hurt, spoil, vitiate, damage
bliss happiness, beatitude, blessedness
blunder boner, bungle, lapse, mistake, slip
blunt disedge, obtund, dull
blur besmirch, discolor, smudge, stain, tarnish
blurt exclaim, ejaculate
bluster roar, bawl,bellow, clamor, rout
boding ominous, ill-omened, inauspicious, unpropitious
boggle balk, demur, scruple, stumble
boisterous vociferous, blatant, clamorous
bolster support, brace, buttress, prop, uphold
bombast fustian, rodomontade, rant, rhapsody, rhetoric
boon gift, benevolence, largess
boor chuff, churl, clodhopper
bootless futile, ineffective, useless, vain
bore ennui, pall, tire, weary
bracing exhilarating, stimulating,tonic, vitalizing, animating
brake hinder, bar, block, impede, obstruct
brash rash, hasty, incautious, inconsiderate, reckless, thoughtless
brassy shameless, barefaced, brazen, brazenfaced, impudent, unabashed
brazen shameless, barefaced,brazenfaced, impudent, unabashed
breach break, fissure, fracture, rupture
brevity conciseness, shortness
brisk agile, active, lively, sprightly, spry
bristle anger, boil, burn, fume, rage, seethe
brittle crisp, crumbly, crunchy, friable
bromide commonplace, banality, platitude, tag
browbeat intimidate, bluster, bully, cow
bruit declare, announce, annunciate, broadcast, proclaim, promulgate
buck oppose, resist, dispute, repel, traverse
bucolic rural, countrified, outland, pastoral, rustic
bully browbeater, harrier, hector, intimidator
bungle blunder, boner, lapse, mistake, slip
buoy support, bolster, prop, sustain, uphold
buoyant bouncy, effervescent, resilient, volatile
burgeon increase, augment, expand, heighten, multiply,
burnish polish, furbish, gloss, rub, shine
buttress support, bolster, brace, prop, sustain, uphold
cabal plot , conspiracy, intrigue, machination,  scheme
cajole coax, blandish, blarney, wheedle
callous coldhearted, heartless, obdurate, stony, uncompassionate, unemotional,
callow inexperienced, fresh, green, raw, unversed, young
calumniate malign, defame, denigrate, slander, vilify
canon law, decree, ordinance, precept, regulation, rule, statute
capitulate yield, cave, defer, submit, succumb
caprice crank, freak, vagary, whim, whimsy
captivate attract, allure, charm, enchant, fascinate, magnetize
caricature mockery, farce, mock,burlesque, parody
carnal corporal, fleshly, physical, somatic
carp nag, fuss, henpeck
castigate lambaste, excoriate, scathe, scorch, scourge, slash
catalyze goad, incentive, incitement, motivation, spur, stimulant
catastrophe disaster, calamity, cataclysm, misadventure
categorical ultimate, explicit, definite, unambiguous
catholic universal, cosmic, cosmopoli
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List 1   abandon
abandon     vt. 放弃(to give up without intent to return)n. 放任,放纵
abase   v. 贬低降低地位、威望或尊严(to lower in rank, prestige, or esteem)
abash   vt. 使不安,使愧疚(to destroy the self-possession沉着 or self-confidence of)
abate   v. 减轻,减低(to reduce in degree or intensity)
abbreviate   v. 缩写,缩短,(to make briefer)
abdicate   v. 让位,放弃(to relinquish formally)
aberrant   adj. 异常的,非常规的(deviating from the usual or natural type)
abet   v. 帮助、支持、怂恿(to assist or support in the achievement of a purpose)
abeyance   n. 中止,暂停,搁置(temporary inactivity)
abhor   vt. 憎恶,痛恨(to regard with extreme repugnance)
abiding   adj. 永久的,持久的(to remain stable or fixed in a state)
abject     adj. 卑微的;精神不振的(cast down in spirit)
abjure     v. 发誓放弃(renounce upon oath)
abnegation   v. 放弃,自我牺牲(renunciation;self-sacrifice )
abolition   n. 废除,废除奴隶制
abominate     v. 憎恶(to hate or loathe intensely)
aboveboard   adj. 无欺诈的(free from all traces of deceit or duplicity)adv. 直率地,光明磊落地
abrade   v. 磨损(to rub or wear away especially by friction:ERODE)
abridge   v. 删减,缩短
abrogate   v. 废除(法令等);取消(to abolish by authoritative action)
abscission   v. 切断
abscond   v. 潜逃(to depart secretly & hide oneself)
absolute   v. 绝对的,无限制的(complete;totally unlimited;certain)
absolve   v. 赦免;使无罪(to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt)
abstain   v. 主动戒绝,自我抑制 (to refrain from something by one's own choice)
abstemious   adj. 有节制的(restraint especially in the consumption of food)
abstract   vt. 1. 摘要,提炼, 抽象化 2. 心不在焉
abstruse   adj. 深奥的(difficult to comprehend;recondite)
abuse   v. 辱骂,毁谤(to attack in words;revile)滥用,虐待
abysmal   adj. 深不可测的,无底的(immeasurably low or wretched)
accede   v. 同意(to express approval or give consent:give in to a request or demand)
accelerate   v. 加速,促进(to move faster:gain speed)
accessible   adj. 易接近的;可理解的(easy to approach;obtainable)
accessory   adj.附属的(additional object;useful but not essential thing)
accidental   adj. 意外的,偶然的(occurring unexpectedly or by chance)
acclimate   vt. 使适应气候环境(to adapt to a new climate, environment)
accolade   n. 推崇备至,赞扬(an expression of praise)
accommodate   v. 提供方便(to provide with something desired, needed, or suited
accost   vt. 问候,致意(greet, hail, salute)大胆靠近(to approach boldly or in a challenging
accretion   v. 逐渐增长(the process of growth or enlargement by a gradual buildup)
accumulate   vi. 积聚,堆积(to gather or pile up especially little by little;amass)
acerbic   adj. 酸的,涩的(acid in temper, mood, or tone)
achromatic   adj. 非彩色的, 无色的(possessing no hue)
acme     n.顶点,极点(the highest point or stage)
acquiesce   v.勉强同意;默许(to accept tacitly or passively)
acquisition   n. 获得(the act of acquiring)
acre   n. 英亩
acrid   adj. 辛辣的,刺鼻的(sharp & harsh in taste or odor)
acrimonious   adj. 刻薄的(caustic especially in feeling, language, or manner)
acumen   n. 敏锐,聪明(keenness & depth of perception)
acute     adj. 敏锐的,锐角的;(医)急性的(having a sudden onset 发作, sharp rise, & short course)
adage   n. 谚语(a saying often in metaphorical form that embodies a common observation)
adamant   adj. 坚硬的;固执的,不动摇的(unshakable especially in opposite)
adapt   vt. 修改,使适应(to bring into correspondence or make suitable)
addendum   n. 附录,补遗(a supplement to a book)
addict   v. 沉溺,上瘾(to devote(oneself)to something habitually or obsessively强迫性地)
adhere   v. 依附,粘着(to hold fast or stick by gluing or grasping)
adjourn   vi. 延期,休会(to suspend a session indefinitely or to another time or place)
adjunct   n. 附属物,附件(something added to another thing but not essentially a part of it)
ad-lib   adj. 即兴的(spoken, composed, or performed without preparation)
admission   n. 许可入场,录取(the act or process of admitting)
admonish   v. 告诫,责备 (to reprove or express warning in a gentle, earnest manner)
adore   vt. 崇拜,热爱,非常喜欢(to regard with loving admiration & devotion)
adulate     v. 谄媚,奉承(to flatter or admire excessively or slavishly)
adulterate   vt. 掺杂,掺假adj. 伪造的,掺杂的
adumbrate   vt. 隐约预示(to suggest or disclose partially)
adversary   n. 敌手,对手(an opponent; an enemy)
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bert n.伯特(Albert,Herbert,Bertram的昵称亦作Burt)(m.)
bent n.倾向, 爱好
ceilings n.天花板, 最高限度
tattoos v.刺花样n.纹身
rich adj.富的, 有钱的, 富有的, 富饶的, 肥沃的, 充足的, 丰富的
stroke n.击, 敲, 报时的钟声, (网球等)一击, (划船等)一划, (绘画等)一笔, 一次努力, 打击vt.抚摸
crisis n.疾病的转折点(或转好或恶化), 决定性时刻, 危机, 危险期, 历史上的紧要关头, [医]危象, 转换期
shapiro 夏皮罗(姓氏)
johnny n.男人, 家伙, 短袖无领病号服
vicariously vicariouslyadv.代理地, 担任代理者地
harmon mute[音](装在小号或长号上的)" 哇哇" 弱音器( 亦作wa - wamute)
cocoon n.茧
speedster n.高速行进的人, 高速汽车, 超速驾驶者
porsche Porsche保时捷汽车
olds adj.年老的, 老的, ...岁的, 陈旧的, 古老的
weekends 在每个周末
freshen v.(使)显得新鲜, (使)精神饱满, (使)减少咸味
bimbo n.<美俚>女人, 尤指浪荡好淫的女人
item n.(可分类或列举的)项目, 条款, (消息、情报等的)一则, 一条
mystery n.神秘, 神秘的事物
iq IQ智商
equals adj.相等的, 均等的, 胜任的, 平静的, 合适的, 不相上下的n.相等的事物(或数量), 对手, 匹敌, 同辈vt.等于, 比得上
di DI=Data Input 数据输入
leghorn n.(意大利地名)里沃纳, 来亨鸡, 麦秆编制的帽子      Leghorn  [5le^5hC:n]  来亨(意大利一城市)
suffrage n.投票, 选举权, 参政权, [宗]代祷
tattooed v.刺花样n.纹身
march n.行军, 步伐, 进行曲vi.进军, 前进vt.使行军, 使行进n.(March)三月(略作Mar)      March  [mB:tF]  n. 三月
heinie n.<贬>德国兵[佬], <俚>屁股
bare adj.赤裸的, 无遮蔽的, 空的vt.使赤裸, 露出
heaven n.天, 天空, 天堂
okey adj.好,对,行adv.好,对,可以n.同意
lads LADS=Low-Altitude Detection System 低空探测系统
tattoo v.刺花样n.纹身
lily n.百合, 百合花, 洁白的东西, 纯洁的人adj.洁白的, 纯洁的      Lily  [5lili]  n. 莉莉(女子名)
dot n.点, 圆点, 园点vt.在...上打点      DOT文档模板格式。      DoTabbr. (美国)运输部 (Department of Transport)
jumped n.跳跃, 上涨, 惊跳vt.跳跃, 跃过, 突升, 使跳跃vi.跳跃, 暴涨
tasteful adj.有鉴赏力的
straddling v.跨骑
scar n.伤痕,疤痕v.结疤,使留下伤痕,创伤      SCAR=Scandinavian Council for Applied Res