abandon chuck, desert, forsake, quit, renounce, throw over
abase bemean, degrade, demean, humiliate
abash confound, confuse, discomfit, disconcert, faze
abate lull, moderate, relent, slacken, subside, wane
abbreviate abridge, curtail, cut,retrench, slash
abdicate discard, shed,slough, renounce, resign
aberrant anomalous, atypical, deviant
abet aid, assist, benefact
abeyance doldrums,latency, quiescence, suspension
abhor detest, execrate, loathe, contemn, disdain
abiding enduring, firm, steadfast, steady
abominate abhor, detest, execrate, loathe
aboveboard forthright, plain dealing, straight
abrade corrade, erode, gall, graze, rub, ruffle, wear
abrogate discharge, dissolve, quash, vacate, void
absolve exempt, discharge, dispense, excuse, relieve
acme apex , apogee climax, peak, pinnacle, summit zenith(这么多顶点都要记住啊)
acquiesce assent, accede, agree, consent
adage saying, word, proverb, saw  谚语,  byword 格言,谚语,笑柄
admonish reprove, chide, monish;rebuke, reprimand, reproach
aggrieve distress,constrain, grieve, hurt
alienate estrance, alien, disaffect, disunify, disunite, wean
anterior antecedent, former,precedent, previous, prior
antic fantastic,bizarre,grotesque
aphorism maxim, apothegm, axiom, gnome   注意:格言与谚语的不同
appropriate pilfer, pinch, purloin
arduous difficult, labored, laborious, strenuous
argot cant, jargon, slang, vernacular
ascendant dominant, master, overbearing, paramount, predominant
aspect look(外表), mien(风度), seeming (外观)
assertive aggressive , assertory, militant, pushful, pushing, pushy, self-assertive
atrocious outrageous, desperate, heinous, monstrous
auspicious favorable, benign, fortunate, propitious, lucky
bargain huckster(叫卖), palter(斤斤计较)
base virtuous 品德高尚的   noble 高贵的   sublime 崇高的   patrician 贵族的
bigot enthusiast, bug, fanatic, fiend, maniac, zealot
bland balmy, suave, soft,smooth, gentle
blandishment flattery, adulation , allurement
blasé disenchanted,unconcerned
blemish harm, hurt, spoil, vitiate, damage
bliss happiness, beatitude, blessedness
blunder boner, bungle, lapse, mistake, slip
blunt disedge, obtund, dull
blur besmirch, discolor, smudge, stain, tarnish
blurt exclaim, ejaculate
bluster roar, bawl,bellow, clamor, rout
boding ominous, ill-omened, inauspicious, unpropitious
boggle balk, demur, scruple, stumble
boisterous vociferous, blatant, clamorous
bolster support, brace, buttress, prop, uphold
bombast fustian, rodomontade, rant, rhapsody, rhetoric
boon gift, benevolence, largess
boor chuff, churl, clodhopper
bootless futile, ineffective, useless, vain
bore ennui, pall, tire, weary
bracing exhilarating, stimulating,tonic, vitalizing, animating
brake hinder, bar, block, impede, obstruct
brash rash, hasty, incautious, inconsiderate, reckless, thoughtless
brassy shameless, barefaced, brazen, brazenfaced, impudent, unabashed
brazen shameless, barefaced,brazenfaced, impudent, unabashed
breach break, fissure, fracture, rupture
brevity conciseness, shortness
brisk agile, active, lively, sprightly, spry
bristle anger, boil, burn, fume, rage, seethe
brittle crisp, crumbly, crunchy, friable
bromide commonplace, banality, platitude, tag
browbeat intimidate, bluster, bully, cow
bruit declare, announce, annunciate, broadcast, proclaim, promulgate
buck oppose, resist, dispute, repel, traverse
bucolic rural, countrified, outland, pastoral, rustic
bully browbeater, harrier, hector, intimidator
bungle blunder, boner, lapse, mistake, slip
buoy support, bolster, prop, sustain, uphold
buoyant bouncy, effervescent, resilient, volatile
burgeon increase, augment, expand, heighten, multiply,
burnish polish, furbish, gloss, rub, shine
buttress support, bolster, brace, prop, sustain, uphold
cabal plot , conspiracy, intrigue, machination,  scheme
cajole coax, blandish, blarney, wheedle
callous coldhearted, heartless, obdurate, stony, uncompassionate, unemotional,
callow inexperienced, fresh, green, raw, unversed, young
calumniate malign, defame, denigrate, slander, vilify
canon law, decree, ordinance, precept, regulation, rule, statute
capitulate yield, cave, defer, submit, succumb
caprice crank, freak, vagary, whim, whimsy
captivate attract, allure, charm, enchant, fascinate, magnetize
caricature mockery, farce, mock,burlesque, parody
carnal corporal, fleshly, physical, somatic
carp nag, fuss, henpeck
castigate lambaste, excoriate, scathe, scorch, scourge, slash
catalyze goad, incentive, incitement, motivation, spur, stimulant
catastrophe disaster, calamity, cataclysm, misadventure
categorical ultimate, explicit, definite, unambiguous
catholic universal, cosmic, cosmopolitan, ecumenical, global, worldwide
caustic sarcastic, acerb, acerbic, corrosive
caveat warning, caution, forewarning, monition
cavern cave, grotto, subterranean
cavort gambol, caper, frisk, frolic, rollick
cede relinquish, abandon, resign, surrender,  waive, yield
censor expurgate, screen
censorious carping, caviling, hypercritical, overcritical,faultfinding
censure criticize, blame, condemn, denounce, denunciate, reprobate
champion support, advocate, backstop, uphold
chary cautious, circumspect, considerate, discreet, gingerly, wary
check arrest, buck, foil, thwart, frustrate
chicanery deception, chicane, dishonesty, fraud, highbinding, trickery
chide reprove, admonish, monish, rebuke, reprimand, reproach
choleric choleric, crabbed, cranky, irascible, irritable
chronic usual, accustomed, habitual, routine, wonted
churlish surly, clownish, coarse, loutish, uncultured, unpolished
circuitous indirect, circular, oblique, roundabout
circumscribe limit, confine, delimitate, prelimit, restrict
circumspect prudent, chary, considerate, discreet, gingerly,
circumvent skirt, bypass, circumnavigate, detour
clandestine secret, covert, furtive, stealthy, surreptitious
clarity clearness, limpidity, lucidity, perspicuity, plainness
cleft arroyo, chasm, clove, gap, gulch
clement forbearing, charitable, merciful, tolerant
clique cabal, camp, clan, coterie, mafia
clog encumbrance, hindrance, impedance, impediment
clumsy awkward, gawky, lumbering, ungainly
coalesce join, bracket, combine,relate, unite, wed
coax blandish, cajole, wheedle
coerce force, compel, concuss, constrain, oblige
cogent valid, convincing, satisfying, sound
cognizant aware, apprehensive, conscious, sensible, sentient
collapse break, cave, crumple, yield
collude plot, cogitate, connive, conspire, contrive, intrigue
colossal huge, elephantine, gargantuan, gigantic, titanic, vast
coma faint, blackout, swoon, syncope
comely beautiful, attractive, bonny, pretty, pulchritudinous
comity goodwill, amity, benevolence, friendliness, kindliness
commencement beginning, alpha, dawning, genesis, outset,
commingle mix, commix, compound, intermingle, mingle
commodious spacious, ample, capacious, roomy, wide
compendium digest, pandect, sketch, survey, syllabus
complacency conceitedness, consequence, narcissism, pride
compliment complacence, conceitedness, consequence, narcissism, pride
comply obey, conform, follow, keep, mind, observe
conceal hide,bury, cache, cover
concede admit, acknowledge, avow, confess, grant
conciliate appease, assuage, mollify, placate, propitiate
concise brief, compendious, curt, laconic, succinct, terse
concur coincide, concert, concur, harmonize
condign just, appropriate, deserved, merited, requisite
condone excuse, pardon, forgive
confident assured, sanguine, secure, undoubtful
confine limit, ircumscribe,delimitate, prelimit, restrict
confluence concourse, concursion, gathering, junction
confront affront, encounter, face, meet
congeal coagulate, clot, gel, gelate
congruent harmonious , corresponding
conjecture guess, presume, pretend, suppose, surmise, think
connive plot, cogitate, collude, conspire, machinate,
connoisseur aesthete, cognoscente, dilettante
conscientious honorable, just, right, scrupulous, true
consensus consent , unison , accord , agreement
conservative orthodox, reactionary, tory, traditionalistic
conserve preserve , save ,maintain
considerable important,consequential,material,momentous
console comfort, solace, upraise
consolidate compact, concentrate, integrate
consonance harmony, agreement, chime, concord, tune
conspicuous noticeable, arresting, prominent, remarkable, salient, striking
conspiracy plot, cabal, intrigue, machination, scheme
constitute create, establish, institute, organize
constrained reserved, noncommittal, restrained
consummate accomplished, finished, perfected, ripe, virtuosic
contagious infectious, catching, communicable
contaminate defile, pollute, soil, taint
content satisfied , pleased, contented, complacent
contentious belligerent, bellicose, combative, gladiatorial, militant, truculent
contort deform, distort, misshape, torture, warp
contravene violate, break, infringe, offend, transgress
contrite remorseful, apologetic, compunctious, penitent, regretful
contumacious insubordinate, insurgent, mutinous, rebellious
convalesce recuperate, ameliorate, gain, mend,
convenience amenity, comfort, facility
convention contract, agreement, compact, covenant, transaction
conversant familiar, versant
convert ransform, change, metamorphose, transmute
convoluted complex , winding , intricate, complicated
cosmopolitan catholic, cosmic, ecumenical, global, planetary, worldwide
coterie clique, cabal, circle, clan, mob, ring
counterfeit imposture, deceit, deception, fake, fraud,  hoax
covert surreptitious ,secret,clandestine,furtive,stealthy
covetous acquisitive, desirous, grabby, grasping, greedy
cow intimidate,bluster, bully, strong-arm
cower fawn, cringe, grovel, toady
cozen cheat, defraud, swindle
crass coarse, crude, gross, uncouth, vulgar
credulous unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwary
crest apex, crown, peak,summit, vertex, acme, apogee, climax, culmination, pinnacle
crucial decisive,significant,acute,critical, desperate, dire
cryptic hidden, secret,dark, enigmatic
culpable amiss,blamable,censurable,guilty, reprehensible, sinful
cunning sly, artful, astute, crafty, foxy, guileful, insidious, tricky, wily
cursory superficial, shallow, sketchy, uncritical
curt brief, compendiary, compendious, laconic, succinct, summary
daunt dismay, appall, horrify, shake
dawdle lazy, loaf, loiter, loll, lounge
deadpan blank, empty, inexpressive, unexpressive, vacant
debilitate weaken, attenuate, blunt, cripple, disable, sap
decode break, crack, cryptanalyze, decipher, decrypt
decrepit weak, feeble, fragile, frail, infirm, insubstantial, unsound
deferential honor, homage, obeisance, reverence
deficiency deficit, inadequacy, insufficience, insufficiency, scantiness, shortage
deft dexterous, adroit, clever, handy, neat-handed
defy brave, challenge, dare, front, venture
dehydrate dry, desiccate, exsiccate, parch, sear
deject demoralize, dishearten, disparage, dispirit
deleterious damaging, injurious, mischievous, prejudicious
deliberate advised, considered, designed, premeditated, studied, studious
demanding burdensome, exacting, exigent, grievous, oppressive, taxing
demoralize chill, deject, dishearten, disparage, dispirit
demur balk, boggle, scruple,stickle, stumble
denigrate malign, asperse, calumniate, defame, slander, vilify
denounce criticize, blame, censure, condemn, denunciate, reprehend, reprobate
denude strip, disrobe, unclothe, undress
despise abhor, contemn, disdain, scorn, scout
deplete bankrupt, drain, draw, exhaust, impoverish, use up
depose affirm, aver, constate, declare, predicate, protest
depravity vice, corruption, immorality, wickedness
deprecate disaprove, discommend, discountenance, disesteem, disfavor, object
depreciate cheapen, devalorize, devaluate;decry,belittle, discount
deride ridicule, lout, mock, razz, scout, taunt
descendant offspring, brood, children, posterity, progeny, scions
despicable contemptible, cheap, despisable, mean, pitiable, scurvy, shabby
despotic arbitrary, autocratic, monocratic, tyrannical, tyrannous
desultory random, aimless, casual, haphazard, indiscriminate, unconsidered, unplanned
detract decry, belittle, depreciate, diminish, discount, disparage, dispraise
devout godly, holy, pious, prayerful, religious
dexterous adroit, clever, deft, handy, neat-handed, nimble
diaphanous filmy, gauzy, gossamer, sheer, transparent
didactic moral, moralizing, preachy, schoolmasterish, teachy
diffident shy, bashful, coy, demure, modest, self-effacing, timid, unassertive, unassured
diffuse redundant, verbose, windy , wordy,long-winded, prolix
digress depart, divagate, diverge, excurse, ramble, stray, wander
dilapidate ruin, bankrupt, shipwreck, wreck
dilatory leisurely, unhasty, unhurried, slow, deliberate, laggard
dilettante nonprofessional, smatterer, tyro, uninitiate
diligent asiduous, industrious, sedulous
din hubbub, pandemonium, tumult, uproar
disavow disclaim, deny, disallow, repudiate
discompose agitate, bother, discombobulate, dismay, disquiet, disturb, upset
disconcert embarrass, abash, confound, confuse, discomfit, discountenance, faze
discord conflict, contention, difference, disharmony, dissension, dissent
discrete distinct, different, diverse, separate
discriminate difference, differentiate, discern, distinguish
disdain dispise, abhor, contemn, look down, scorn, scout
disengage unbind, undo, unfasten, unfix, unloosen
disguise camouflage, dissemble, dissimulate, mask
disinclination dislike, aversion, disfavor, displeasure, dissatisfaction, indisposition
disjointed incoherent, disconnected, discontinuous, disordered, inchoate, incohesive
disinter exhume, disinhume, exhumate, unbury
dismay discompose , agitate, bother, disquiet, disturb,fluster, perturb, upset
dispassionate neutral, colorless, detached, disinterested, impersonal, unpassioned
disregard neglect, discount, forget, ignore, overlook, overpass, slight
dissemble camouflage, cloak, dissimulate, dress up, mask
disseminate circulate, diffuse, disperse, distribute, propagate, radiate
dissension conflict, contention, difference, disaccord, dissidence
dissent disaccord, disagree, discord, divide, vary
dissolute abandonde, licentious, profligate, reprobate, self-abandoned, unprincipled
dissonance discord, difference, disaccord, disharmony
dissuade deter, disadvise, discourage, divert
distraught distracted, distrait, distressed, harassed, troubled, worried
diverge digress , depart, ramble, stray, wander;differ, disagree
diversity variety, diverseness, multiformity, multiplicity, variousness
divulge reveal , betray, disclose, discover, unclose
dodge duck, fence, parry, shirk, sidestep; equivocate
dogged obstinate,inflexible,adamant,persisitent
doldrums tedium, boredom, ennui, yawn
dolorous woeful, afflicted, doleful, dolent, miserable, rueful, sorrowful, wretched
dolt dunce, chump, dolthead, fathead, lunkhead, oaf
dormant latent, abeyant, lurking, potential, prepatent, quiescent
draconian rigid, ironhanded, rigorist, rigorous, strict, stringent, unpermissive
dreary gloomy, depressive, dismal, dispiriting, oppressive, somber
drench soak , impregnate, saturate, seethe, sodden, sop, souse, steep
dubious doubtful, dubitable, equivocal, problematic, suspect, uncertain, unclear, undecided
ductile plastic, adaptable, malleable, moldable, pliable, pliant, supple
dulcet euphonic, euphonious, mellisonant, melodic, sweet, tuneful
dullard dunce, dullhead, dumbbell, dummy, idiot, ignoramus, moron, simpleton, stupid
dupe butt, chump, fall guy, gudgeon, gull, pigeon, sap, sucker
dwindle abate, bate, diminish, drain (away), lessen, reduce, taper
dyspeptic bad-tempered,hot-tempered,ill-humored, ill-natured, tempersome
earnest grave,sedate,sober,solemn,somber,staid,weighty
earsplitting loud, blaring, piercing, roaring, stentorian
ebullient exuberant,brash, effervescent, vivacious
eccentric erratic, idiosyncratic, peculiar, queer, singular, weird
ecstasy rapture, exultant, exhilaration
ecumenical universal, catholic, worldwide
edible comestible, eatable, esculent
effervesce ebullience, buoyancy, exuberance, exuberancy
elaborate complex,complicated, intricate, knotty, labyrinthine, sophisticated
elastic flexible,resilient,stretch,supple
elate excite, exhilarate, inspire, spirit(up), stimulate
eleemosynary charitable,altruistic,benevolent, humane, humanitarian, philanthropic
elicit educe, evince, evoke, extort, extract, milk
elucidate clarify, clear up, explain, illuminate, illustrate
emancipate discharge, liberate, manumit
embarrass abash, confuse, discomfit, disconcert, discountenance, faze, rattle
embezzle misappropriate, peculate
encomium citation, eulogy, panegyric, salutation, tribute
endorse approve, accredit, certify, sanction
ennui tedium, boredom, doldrums , yawn
entrap allure, bait, decoy, entice, inveigle, lead on, seduce, tempt, toll
entreat appeal, beseech, crave, implore, importune, invoke, plead, supplicate
epicure gastronome, gourmand, gourmet
epigram adage,aphorism,epigram,maxim,proverb
equivocate lie, falsify, palter, prevaricate
errant erratic,devious,stray,wandering,aberrant,devious,fallible, errable
eschew escape, avoid, bilk, double, duck, elude, evade, shun, shy
esoteric recondite, abstruse, acroamatic, hermetic, occult, orphic, profound, secret
euphonious melodious, dulcet , sweet, tuneful
exasperate irritate, aggravate, gall, nettle, rile, roil
excoriate lambaste,castigate, flay, lash, scarify, scathe, scorch, scourge, slash
excruciate afflict, agonize, crucify, torment, torture
exculpate absolve, acquit, disculpate, exonerate, vindicate
execrate curse, objurgate, abhor, abominate, detest, loathe,swear, imprecate
exhaust deplete, bankrupt, drain
exhilarate elate, inspire, spirit (up), stimulate
exhort urge, goad, prick, prod, prompt, propel, spur
exuberant brash, ebullient, effervescent, vivacious
fabricate manufacture
facetious witty, humorous, jocose, jocular
falter lurch,stagger,stumble,wobble,hesitate,vacillate,waver, wiggle-waggle
farce mockery, burlesque, caricature, travesty
fatuous asinine, foolish, silly, unwitty
fawn grovel, toady
faze embarrass,abash, discomfit,disconcert, discountenance, rattle
feckless fustian, meaningless, purposeless, worthless
fecund fertile, fruitful, productive, prolific, rich, spawning
feral brutish, bestial
fervor passion, ardor, calenture, enthusiasm, zeal
fickle capricious, lubricious, mercurial, temperamental, ticklish, volatile
finicky dainty, fastidious, finical, fussy, pernickety
flaccid limp, flabby, flimsy, floppy
flamboyant baroque, florid, luscious,showy,ostentatious,pretentious,splashy
flounder blunder, lurch, stumble
flout scoff, fleer, gibe, gird, jeer, jest, sneer
fluster discompose, agitate, bother, disquiet, disturb, perturb
foment incite, abet, instigate, provoke, raise,stir(up)
formidable appalling,awful,dreadful, terrible, arduous, labored, strenuous
frenzy delirium, furor
fret worry, fuss, pother, annoy, chafe, gall, irk, provoke, ruffle, vex
frivolous giddy, flighty
fumble grope, grabble
futile abortive, bootless, fruitless, ineffective, vain
gallant gracious, brave, dauntless,heroic, lionhearted, stouthearted
garrulous babblative, chatty, gabby, loquacious
gibe scoff, fleer, flout, jeer, jest, sneer
giddy dizzy, fribble, frivolous, skittish
glisten flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, glitter
gloomy sullen, dour, glum, morose, saturnine
glut satiate, gorge, sate, stodge, surfeit
gobble gulp, bolt, cram, englut, guzzle, ingurgitate
gorge satiate, cloy, glut, stodge, surfeit
gossamer filmy, flimsy, gauzy, sheer, transparent
grandiloquent bombastic, declamatory, euphuistic, magniloquent
grandiose grand, magnificent, majestic
grate irritate, aggravate, gall, nettle, peeve, rile
gratuitous free, chargeless, complimentary, costless, gratis(以上词义都是"免费的")
green inexperienced, callow, fresh, raw, young
gripe fuss, squawk, yammer, yawp
grotesque fantastic, antic, bizarre
grovel fawn, cower, cringe, kowtow, toady, truckle
guile deceit, cunning, dissemblance, duplicity
guilt blame, culpability, fault, onus
gullible easy, fleeceable, naive, susceptible
guzzle drink, booze, imbibe, swig, swill, swizzle
habitable livable, inhabitable, lodgeable, tenantable
hack drudge, grub, hireling, mercenary
hackneyed trite, bathetic, cliche, stale, timeworn
hale fit, sane, sound, wholesome
hallow bless, consecrate, sanctify
hallucination delusion, illusion, mirage, phantasm
halting lumbering, maladroit
hamhanded awdward,clumsy, gauche, inept, maladroit
hamper clog, curb, fetter, shackle, tie, trammel
haphazard random, desultory, irregular, unconsidered, unplanned
harangue orate, bloviate, perorate
harass raid, foray, harry, maraud
harbinger announce , foreshow, herald, preindicate, presage
harbor chamber, haven, house, roof, shelter, shield
harmonious chiming, consonant, harmonic, symphonious
harrow afflict, agonize, excruciate, rack, torment, torture
harry ravage, depredate, despoil, devastate
harsh rough, rugged, scabrous, uneven, unsmooth
hasten accelerate, hurry, quicken, swiften
hasty expeditious, fleet, quick, rapid, swift
haunt frequent, affect, resort
hauteur pride, arrogance,haughtiness, loftiness, uperciliousness
haven shelter , asylum, harbor, refuge, sanctuary
havoc ruin, destruction, devastation, ruination
headlong precipitate, abrupt, hasty, impetuous, rushing
hearken listen, attend, hark, hear, heed
hearten encourage, cheer, embolden, inspirit, steel
heartrending afflictive, heartbreaking, lamentable, regrettable, unfortunate
heinous atrocious, desperate, monstrous, shocking
herald announce, foreshow, harbinger, preindicate, presage
heresy dissent, heterodoxy, nonconformism, unorthodoxy
heretical dissident, heterodox, sectarian, unorthodox,heretical beliefs
hermetic recondite, abstruse, deep, esoteric, occult, profound, secret
hermit ecluse, solitary
hidebound illiberal, bigoted, intolerant, narrow
hideous ugly, unbeautiful, uncomely, unsightly
hie fare, proceed, travel, wend
hilarious glee, jocularity, jollity, joviality, merriment
histrionic dramatic, theatral, theatric, thespian
hoard squirrel, stash
hoary ancient, aged, antediluvian, antique
hoax fake, fraud, gyp, humbug, spoof
hodgepodge gallimaufry, hotchpotch, jumble, medley, potpourri
homage honor, reverence, deference
hoodwink dupe, bamboozle, befool, chicane, gull, hoax, trick
humble base, low,mean, plebeian
humor coddle, cosset, indulge, mollycoddle, spoil
husbandry economy, frugality, prudence, thrift
husky hoarse, croaking, croaky, gruff
hybrid bastard, crossbreed, mongrel, mule
hymn song, aria, ditty
hypnotic soporific, narcotic, opiate, somnifacient
hyperbole exaggeration, embellishment, embroidering
hypocritical canting, pecksniffian, pharisaical, sanctimonious
ignite light, enkindle, fire, inflame, kindle
ignominy discredit, disesteem, disrepute, infamy
illuminati intelligentsia , literati
illusory ficitious, chimerical, fantastic, fictional, imaginary
imitation artificial, mock, simulated, spurious, substitute
immaculate chaste, decent, stainless, unblemished, undefiled
immaterial incorporeal, insubstantial, nonphysical, spiritual, unmaterial
immure imprison, bastille, constrain, incarcerate, jail
imp gamin, monkey
impassive apathetic, phlegmatic, stoic, stolid
impeccable faultless, flawless, immaculate, irreproachable
impecunious poor, destitute, impoverished, indigent,  penurious
impede hinder, block, brake, obstruct
impend imminent, proximate
impenetrable impassable, impermeable, impervious, unpierceable
impenitent remorseless, regretless, unregretful, unrepentant
imperious masterful, domineering, peremptory, imperative
impertinent officious, meddlesome, intrusive, obtrusive
imperturbable cool, composed, collected, unruffled, nonchalant
impervious impenetrable,impermeable, imperviable, unpierceable
impetuous precipitate, abrupt, hasty, precipitant, rushing
implacable grim, merciless, ruthless, unappeasable
imposing baronial, grandiose, magnificent, majestic
impotent weak , emasculate, forceless, ineffective, spineless
improvise extemporary, improvised, offhand, sunrehearsed
impudent unwise, impolitic, indiscreet, injudicious
impugn contradict, contravene, gainsay, negative, traverse
inadvertent careless, heedless, irreflective, thoughtless, unheeding
inane flat, innocuous, jejune, sapless, vapid
inanimate dead, deceased, exanimate, extinct, lifeless
inaugurate begin, commence, start, initiate
incandescent bright, brilliant, effulgent luminous, radiant, refulgent
incarnate embody, externalize, materialize, objectify, substantiate
incendiary inflammatory
incense anger, enrage, infuriate, mad, umbrage
inception origin, source, root
incessant continual, constant, perpetual,perennial
incipient initial, inceptive, introductory, nascent
incite instigate, abet, foment
inclement severe, bitter, harsh, intemperate, rigorous
incogitant rash, brash, inconsiderate, reckless, thoughtless
incongruent inconsonant , discrepant, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent
inconsequential inconsequent, inconsiderable, paltry, trifling, trivial
incontrovertible certain, incontestable, indisputable, indubitable
incriminate accuse, charge, criminate, impeach, inculpate
inculpate accuse, arraign, criminate, impeach, incriminate
indelible ineradicable, inerasable, inextrpable
indemnity amends, compensation, recompense, redress, restitution
indict accuse, charge, impeach, incriminate, inculpate
indifferent arraign, charge, impeach, incriminate, inculpate
indigenous innate , connatural, inherited, native, natural
indigent poor, destitute, impecunious, impoverished, necessitous, penurious
indolent lazy, faineant, slothful, slowgoing
indulgent forbearing, charitable, clement, lenient, merciful
indurate harden, concrete, congeal, dry, solidify
ineluctable incommunicable, indefinable
inept awkward, gauche, lumbering, maladroit
inert inactive, idle, passive, quiet
inevitable ineluctable, ineludible, inescapable, inevasible
inexorable adamant, obdurate, relentless, rigid, unyielding
infamy disesteem, disrepute, ignominy, obloquy, odium
infatuate besotted, dotty, enamored
inferno hell, blazes, netherworld, perdition
infinite eternal, illimitable, perdurable, supertemporal
infirm weak, decrepit, feeble, flimsy, fragile
inflame aggravate, provoke, rile, roil
infelicitous wkward, graceless, inept, unfortunate
influx inflow, influxion, inpour, inpouring, inrush
infuriate enrage, incense, umbrage
ingenious adroit, canny, cunning, dexterous
ingenuous naturalL,artless,naive, unaffected, unsophisticated
ingrained congenital, constitutional, inbred, indwelling, innate
ingratiating deferential, ingratiatory, insinuating
inherent congenital, essential, inborn, ingrained, innate, intrinsic
inimical hostile, inimicable, unfriendly
iniquity evil, crime sin, tort
inkling clue, indication, notion
innocuous blameless, guiltless, inculpable, irreproachable
innovation change, mutation, novelty, permutation
insipid vapid, flat, jejune, banal, inane ,arid, tedious, uninteresting
insouciant carefree, lighthearted, lightsome
instate inaugurate, induct, install, invest
instigate abet, foment, provoke
instill inculcate, infix, inseminate
institute constitute, create, establish, organize
insubordinate contumacious, insurgent, rebellious, seditious
insular parochial, provincial, sectarian
insulate isolate, island, separate, sequester
intangible impalpable, imponderable, inappreciable, indiscernible, invisible
integral whole, complete, entire, full, perfect
integrity honesty, honestness, honor, incorruption
intelligible apprehensible, comprehendible, graspable, lucid, luminous
intemperate excessive, inordinate, unrestrained, untempered
intensify aggravate, enhance, intensate, magnify, rise
intercede interfere, intermediate, intervene, mediate
interim forbid, enjoin, inhibit, prohibit
intermittent isochronal, periodic, recurrent
intimate friend, acquaintance, confidant, familiar
intimate connote, hint, imply, insinuate
intimidate browbeat, bully, cow, hector, terrorize
intransigent obstinate, incompliant, intractable, pertinacious, tough, stubborn, willful, unpliable, unyielding
inundate deluge, engulf, overflow, overwhelm, submerge, swamp, whelm
inure accustom, familiarize, habituate, wont
invective abusive, contumelious, opprobrious, scurrile
inveigh inveigh against =object, except, expostulate, kick, protest, remonstrate
inveigle lure, allure, bait, decoy, entice, entrap, lead on, seduce, tempt, toll
inveterate confirmed, entrenched,irradicable,settled, sworn
invidious calumnious, defamatory, detracting
invincible impregnable, inconquerable, indomitable, invulnerable, unassailable, undefeatable
irascible choleric, cranky, hot-tempered, ireful, passionate, peppery, temperish, testy, touchy
irate angry, choleric, ireful, mad, wrathful
irk annoy, abrade, bother, exercise, fret, gall, provoke, ruffle, vex
ironclad inflexible, constant, fixed, immovable, immutable, inalterable
irradicable inveterate, confirmed, deep-rooted, deep-seated, entrenched, hard-shell, settled
irritate aggravate, exasperate, gall, grate, inflame, nettle, peeve, pique, provoke, rile, roil
jabber gibber, babble, chatter, gabble
jaded tired, fatigued, wearied, weary, worn
jape joke, crack, jest, quip
jarring harsh, grating, hoarse, rasping, raucous, rough, strident
jest joke, crack, drollery, jape, quip, waggery
jibe agree, accord, conform, correspond
jocular witty, facetious, humorous, jocose
jocund merry, blithe, blithesome, festive, gay, gleeful
jolt shock, startle
jot particle, bit, grain, iota, minim, modicum, speck, tittle, whit
jovial merry, blithe, festive, gleeful, jocund, jolly, lighthearted, mirthful
jubilant exultant, exulting, triumphant
judicious wise, judgmatic, prudent, sage, sane, sapient, sensible
kindle stir, arouse, awaken, bestir, challenge, rally, rouse, wake, waken, whet
knave villian, miscreant, rascal
knotty complicated, elaborate, intricate, labyrinthine, sophisticated
kudos accolade, badge, decoration, distinction, laurels
laconic concise, breviloquent, brief, compendiary
lachrymose tearful, teary, weeping, weepy
lambaste baste, hammer, paste, pelt, thrash
lamentable melancholy, doleful, dolesome
languish fail, decline, deteriorate, fade, flag, weaken
languor lethargy, coma, dullness, lassitude, slumber, stupor, torpor
latent abeyant, dormant, lurking, potential, prepatent, quiescent
laudatory eulogistic, encomiastic, laudative, panegyrical, praiseful
lavish exuberant, lush, luxuriant, opulent, prodigal, profusive
lenient gentle, balmy, bland, mild
lethal deadly, fatal, mortal
lethargic coma, dullness, languor, lassitude,slumber, torpidity, torpor
levity lightness, flightiness, flippancy, frivolity, volatility
licentious abandoned, dissolute, profligate
lissome supple, limber, lithe, lithesome;nimble
lithe supple, limber, lissome, lithesome
loath disinclined, afraid, averse, hesitant, indisposed, reluctant, uneager
loathe hate, abhor, abominate, detest, execrate
loquacious talkative, babblative, chatty, gabby, garrulous,
loutish boorish, churlish, cloddish
lurk sneak, creep, gumshoe, pussyfoot, skulk, slide, slink, slip
lustrous burnished, gleaming, glistening, glossy, polished
maelstrom eddy, whirl, whirlpool
magnificent grandiose, imposing, lordly, magnific, majestic, noble
maladroit awkward, clumsy, gauche, inept, lumbering
malcontent disgruntled, ungratified
malicious despiteful, evil, hateful, malevolent, malign, rancorous, vicious, wicked
malleable plastic, adaptable, ductile, moldable, pliable, pliant, supple
mandatory compulsory, imperative, imperious, obligatory, required
mangle batter , maul
manifest clear, apparent, distinct, evident
marvel miracle, phenomenon, prodigy
maudlin sentimental, bathetic, mawkish
maven expert, authority, master, virtuoso
mawkish sentimental, bathetic, maudlin, romantic
meander wander, drift, ramble, roam, rove, stray, vagabond
measly petty, paltry, piddling, puny, trifling, trivial
meddle busybody, interfere, interlope, intermeddle, tamper(with)
mediocre medium, indifferent, intermediate, mean, ordinary, so-so
mellifluous golden, mellifluent
menace compromise, hazard, imperil, jeopard
mendacious dishonest, deceitful, knavish, lying, roguish, shifty, unhonest, untruthful
mercurial inconstant, capricious, changeable, fickle, temperamental, ticklish, unstable
meticulous careful, conscientious, exact, fussy, punctilious, punctual, scrupulous
migratory migrative, mobile
mingle mix , commingle, immingle, intermingle, meld, merge
minutia trivia, triviality
miraculous supernatural, numinous, preternatural, superhuman, unearthly
mischievous naughty, bad, ill-behaved, misbehaving
mitigate relieve, allay, alleviate, assuage, mollify
mockery burlesque, caricature, farce, mock, sham, travesty
modicum particle, atom, grain, iota, minim, molecule, ounce, scrap
mordant caustic, scathing, trenchant
morose sullen, crabbed, dour, gloomy, glum, saturnine, sulky, surly
motivate provoke, excite, galvanize, innervate, innerve, move, pique, quicken, rouse, stimulate
motley variegated, dappled, discolor, multicolor, multihued, versicolored
muddy cloudy, dull
mulish obstinate,bullheaded, headstrong, refractory, self-willed, stiff-necked, stubborn, wrongheaded
mumble murmur
mundane commonplace ,earthly, earthy, terrene, terrestrial, uncelestial, worldly
munificent liberal, bounteous, freehanded, generous
mutate transform, commute, metamorphose, transfigure, transmute
obeisance bow , honor, deference, homage, reverence
obfuscate obscure, adumbrate, becloud, befog, darken, dim, gloom
obliging amiable, complaisant, good-humored, good-natured, good-tempered, lenient, mild
obliterate erase, efface, expunge, wipe (out)
oblivious ignorant, incognizant, inconversant, unacquainted, unaware, uninformed
obloquy abuse, contumely, invective, scurrility, vituperation
obscure faint, dark, vague, enigmatic, cryptic, ambiguous, equivocal
obsequious subservient, menial, obeisant, servile
obstinate bullheaded, closed-minded, hardheaded, headstrong, intractable, intransigent, mulish, pertinacious, perverse, pervicacious, refractory, stubborn, unpliable, unpliant, unyielding
obstruct hinder, bar, block, brake, dam, impede, overslaugh
obtuse dull, blunt
occlude choke, clog, close, congest, obstruct
occult recondite, abstruse, esoteric, hermetic, profound, secret
odium detestation disgrace, discredit, disesteem, dishonor, disrepute, ignominy, infamy, obloquy, opprobrium
offhand extemporary, extempore, impromptu, improvised
offish aloof, insociable, reserved, solitary, standoffish, unapproachable, withdrawn
ominous apocalyptic, baleful, baneful, inauspicious, threatening, unpropitious
opaque obscure, ambiguous, equivocal, nubilous, uncertain, unintelligible, vague
opprobrious invective, scurrile, scurrilous, , vituperative
oracle revelation, apocalypse, prophecy, vision
original inventive, creative, deviceful, ingenious, innovational
oscillate swing, pendulate, sway
ostentatious showy, flamboyant, pretentious, splashy
oust deprive, bereave, dispossess, divest
outmaneuver outwit, outfox
overture introduction, foreword, preamble, preface, prelude, prologue
pacify soothe, pacify, appease, ease, mollify
palatable palatable, appetizing, savory, tasty, toothsome
palatial luxurious,deluxe,sumptuous
pall bore, ennui, tire, weary
palliate extenuate, prettify, sugarcoat, varnish, veneer
pallid pale, ashen, ashy, blanched, colorless,
palmy flourishing, prosperous
palpable perceptible, appreciable, detectable, discernible
palter lie, equivocate, falsify, fib, prevaricate
paltry petty, measly, piddling, puny, trifling, trivial,
pandemonium din , hubbub, jangle, racket, tumult, uproar
panegyric encomium, citation, eulogy, salutation, tribute
pantry larder, buttery 区别:pastry 面点
parable allegory, apologue, fable, myth
paradigm moder, archetype, example, exemplar, pattern, standard
paragon ideal, jewel, nonesuch, nonpareil, phoenix
paramount ascendant, overbearing, predominant, predominate, preponderant
paraphrase rephrase, restate, reword
pariah outcast,castaway,derelict
parity equivalence,adequation,equality
parlance wording,diction, phrase, phraseology, phrasing
parody burlesque, imitate, mock, take off, travesty
parry dodge, duck, fence, shirk, sidestep
parsimony stingy, miserly,niggardly, penurious
partial jaundiced, prejudiced,tendentious,unindifferent,warped
particularize detail, specificate, specificize, stipulate
partisan follower, adherent, cohort, disciple, henchman, supporter
patent apparent, evident, manifest, obvious, palpable, unequivocal
paucity scarcity, insufficiency, poverty, scant, scarceness
pedestrian dull,dreary, humdrum, monotone, plodding,stodgy
peerless matchless, unequaled, unique, unparagoned, unparalleled, unrivaled
peeved irritate,aggravate, exasperate, nettle, pique, provoke
pejorative derogatory, depreciative, detracting
pellucid transparent, clear, limpid, see-through, translucent
penchant disposition, inclination, predilection, predisposition
penitent apologetic, contrite, penitential, regretful, repentant  参考:repent  v. 后悔,悔改
pensive meditative, pondering, reflecting, ruminative, speculative
perceptible appreciable, detectable, discernible, observable, palpable, sensible, tangible
perfervid ardent, blazing, burning, fervent, fiery, flaming
perforate bore, drill, prick, punch, puncture
peripatetic ambulant, itinerate, nomadic, perambulant, roving, vagabond
permanence diuturnal, durable, enduring, perdurable, perduring, stable
permeable penetrable, pervious, porose, porous
persecute aggrieve, oppress, outrage
persevere carry on, go on, hang on, persist
perspicacious shrewd, argute, astucious, astute, heady,
pertinacious bullheaded, headstrong, mulish, perverse, refractory, stubborn
pertinent relevant, applicable, apposite, apropos, germane, material
petty inconsequent, inconsiderable, measly, ungenerous, unvital
phenomenal extraordinary, rare, remarkable, singular, unimaginable, unique
philanthropic charitable , altruistic, benevolent, eleemosynary, humane
phlegmatic apathetic, dry, matter-of-fact, stoic, stolid
piddling petty, measly, niggling, paltry, peanut, peddling, puny, trifling
pilfer steal, appropriate, filch, pinch, purloin, thieve
pinpoint identify, determinate, diagnose distinguish,finger,spot
piquant pungent, peppery, racy, snappy, spicy, zesty
pithy compact, epigrammatic, marrowy, meaty
placate pacify, appease, assuage, conciliate, mollify,
plangent consonant, orotund, resounding, rotund, sonorant, vibrant
plausible believeable,colorable,creditable
plethora excess, overabundance, superfluity, surfeit, surplus, surplusage
pliable adaptable, ductile, malleable, moldable, pliant, supple
pliant adaptable, ductile, malleable, moldable, pliable, supple
plight predicament, corner, dilemma, jam, pickle, scrape, spot
plodding dull, dreary, humdrum, monotonous, pedestrian, stodgy
pluck courage,dauntlessness, heart
ponderous heavy,cumbersome,hefty,massive,eighty
postulate assume, presuppose, posit, premise, presume
potentate monarch, ruler, sovereign
prate chat, babble, chatter gabble, prattle, vaunt
preach evangelize, sermonize, preachify, sermonize
precarious doubtful, ambiguous, dubious, equivocal, impugnable, indecisive
precedent antecedent, anterior, former, past, previous, prior
precipitate abrupt, headlong, impetuous, sudden
precipitation haste,hastiness, hurriedness, precipitancy, rush
precipitous abrupt, hasty, headlong, hurried, impetuous,
precursor ancestor, antecedent, foregoer, predecessor, prototype
predecessor forerunner, ancestor, antecedent, foregoer, precursor
preeminent incomparable, surpassing, transcendent, unequalable,unsurpassable
preen pride, plume, pique
premeditated forethought, precogitated, predetermine
preponderant ascendant, paramount, predominant, prevalent, sovereign
preposterous foolish,absurd,crazy,harebrained,insane,loony,silly,wacky
presage betoken, bode, forebode, foreshadow, omen, promise
presumptuous brash, overconfident, overweening, presuming, pushing, uppity
pretense mask, cloak, facade, guise, masquerade
prevail conquer, overcome, triumph,rule, predominate, preponderate, reign
prevalent overbearing, paramount, predominant, preponderant, sovereign
prevaricate lie, equivocate, falsify, fib, palter
primordial early, primitive, primary, prime
primp dress up,doll out(up), fix up, gussy up, slick,
pristine original, pure
privation absence, dearth, default, defect, lack, want
probe inquisition, investigation, probing, quest, research
probity morality, rectitude, righteousness, rightness, uprightness, virtue
procrastinate delay, dally, dawdle, linger, loiter, poke, put off, tarry
prodigal profuse , exuberant, lavish, luxuriant, opulent, profusive, riotous
prodigy marvel, miracle, phenomenon, portent, sensation, stunner
profane obscene,coarse,dirty, filthy, foul, indecent, nasty, smutty, vulgar
proffer offer,extend,give,hold out,pose,present,tender
profligate abandoned, dissolute, licentious, reprobate, unprincipled
prolix wordy, diffuse, redundant, verbose, windy
prolong extend, draw, elongate, lengthen, prolongate, protract, stretch
propagate circulate, diffuse, disperse, disseminate, distribute, strew
propensity disposition, inclination, penchant, predilection, proclivity
prophetic apocalyptic, mantic, oracular, prophetical
propitiate pacify, appease, assuage, conciliate, mollify, placate, sweeten
propitious favorable,auspicious,benign, bright, fortunate, white
prosaic commonplace, everyday, lowly, mundane, workaday, workday
proscribe sentence, condemn, damn, doom,prohibit
prosperous flourishing, booming, prospering, roaring, robust
prostrate prone, decumbent, flat, procumbent, reclining, recumbent
protean changeable, fluid, mobile, mutable, unsettled, unstable, variable
protract extend, drawt, elongate, lengthen, prolongate, spin (out), stretch
protuberant prominent, obtrusive
provident chary, economical, frugal, saving, scotch,thrifty
providential opportune, lucky, fortunate, happy, well
provincial insular, local, parochial, sectarian, small-town ,narrow
provisional conditional,provisionary,provisory,tentative,temporary
provisory conditional,provisional,provisionary,tentative
provoke evoke,irritate, aggravate, inflame, pique, rile, roil
prowess heroism, gallantry, valiance, valor
prude bluenose, goody-goody, prig, puritan
prudent discreet,wise , judgmatic, judicious, sage, sane, sapient, sensible
prudish prim, genteel, priggish, prissy, proper, puritanical,
prune dunce, chump, dolt, dope, idiot, ignoramus, moron
puckish playful, impish, mischievous, prankish, waggish, wicked
puerile childish, immature,infantile
pulverize destroy, decimate, demolish, destruct, dynamite,
pun calembour, paronomasia
punctilious conscientious, exact, fussy, meticulous, painstaking, scrupulous
pundit pandit, teacher, critic
pungent peppery, piquant, poignant, racy, snappy, spicy, zesty
puny measly, niggling, paltry, piddling, trifling, trivial
purloin steal, appropriate, cabbage, filch, pilfer, pinch,thieve
pusillanimous coward, craven, gutless, poltroon, spunkless
quash annul,abrogate,discharge,dissolve,vacate,
quell annihilate, extinguish, put down, quash, quench, squash, suppress
quench annihilate, extinguish, put down, quash, quell, squash, suppress
querulous irritable, fractious, fretful, peevish, petulant, snappish,waspy
quibble argufy, bicker, dispute, hassle, squabble, wrangle
quiescent abeyant, dormant, lurking, potential, prepatent
quota allowance, bite, cut, lot, part, partage, portion, slice
quotidian ordinary, plain, routine, unremarkable, usual, workaday
rabid furious, delirious, frenetic, mad, wild
racy pungent, peppery, piquant, poignant, snappy, spicy,
rage anger, fury, indignation, ire, mad, wrath
ragged frayed, frazzled, shreddy, tattered
rail scold, berate, jaw, rate, revile, upbraid, vituperate
ramble wander, meander, range, roam, rove, straggle, stray
ramshackle rickety 佝偻的,驼背的,摇摆的
rancid molodorous,fetid, nidorous, noisome, putrid, smelly, whiffy
rancor enmity, animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, hostility
rankle fester n/v. 脓疮,化脓,使烦恼
rant orate, declaim, harangue, perorate, rave
rapacious vovarious, gluttonous, ravenous
rapport harmony, concord, unity
rapprochement harmonizing, reconcilement
rapscallion devil, enfant terrible, mischief, rascal, villain
rapt absorbed, engaged, engrossed, preoccupied, wrapped
rash brash, hasty, incogitant, reckless, thoughtless, unwary
raspy irritable , peevish, petulant, prickish, raspish, snappish, waspish
ratiocination conclusion, deduction, illation, judgment, sequitur
ravel entangle, muddle, perplex, snarl, tangle
reap garner, gather, harvest, ingather
rebuff hold off, keep off, rebut, repel, repulse,snub stave off
recalcitrant unruly, fractious, indomitable, intractable, unmanageable,wild
recant abjure, forswear, recall, retract, withdraw
reciprocate recompense, requite, retaliate, return
reckless adventurous, audacious, daredevil, foolhardy, rash, temerarious, venturesome, venturous
recluse secluded, cloistered, hermetic, sequestered
recoil blanch, blench, flinch, quail, shrink, squinch, start, wince
recondite abstruse, esoteric, hermetic, occult, orphic, profound, secret
rectify amend, emend, right  参考:correct改正,纠正
rectitude morality, probity, righteousness, uprightness, virtue
recuperate ameliorate, convalesce, gain, mend, perk
redolent ambrosial, aromatic, balmy, fragrant, perfumed, savory, spicy
redundant diffuse, palaverous, prolix, verbose, windy
refractory bullheaded, headstrong, intractable, mulish, stubborn, unyielding
regress revert, retrogress, throw back
rehabilitate reclaim, recondition, reconstruct, recover, rejuvenate, restitute
relapse lapse, backslide, recidivate
release discharge, emancipate, liberate, manumit, unbind, unshackle
relent adamant, inexorable, obdurate, rigid, unbending, unyielding
religion creed, cult, faith, persuasion
relinquish abandon, give up, lay down, resign, surrender, turn up, waive (反)keep
remiss careless, delinquent, derelict, disregardful, neglectful, regardless
remonstrance challenge, demurrer, difficulty, objection, protest, question, remonstration
remorse attrition, compunction, contriteness, contrition, penance, penitency, repentance, rue
remunerate compensate, indemnify, pay, recompense, reimburse, repay, requite
rend cleave, rip, rive, split
renovate reactivate, rekindle, renew, resurrect, resuscitate, retrieve, revitalize, revivify
repartee back answer, comeback, riposte
repeal revoke , dismantle, recall, rescind, reverse
repine complain, fuss, murmur, wail, whine
reprehend criticize, blame, censure, condemn, denounce, denunciate, reprobate
reproach rebuke, admonishment, admonition, chiding, reprimand, reproof
reprobate criticize, blame, censure, condemn, denounce, denunciate, reprehend
reproof rebuke, admonishment, admonition, chiding, rap, reprimand, reproach
reprove admonish, , chide, lesson, monish, rebuke, reprimand, reproach
repudiate decline, disapprove, dismiss, refuse, reject, reprobate, spurn
repugnant abhorrent, invidious, obnoxious, repellent, revulsive
repulse rebuff, rebut, repel, ward(off)
repute fame , celebrity, notoriety, renown, reputation
rescind revoke , dismantle, lift, recall, repeal, reverse
residue remnant,remainder, remains, residual
resolute decided , decisive, determined, faithful, ardent, loyal, steadfast
resonant consonant, plangent, resounding, ringing, rotund
resplendent splendid, glorious, gorgeous, magnificent, sublime, superb
resurgence revival, rebirth, renaissance, resurrection
resuscitate restore , revive
retaliate reciprocate, recompense, requite, return
reticent silent, close, close-lipped, closemouthed, reserved, taciturn
retract recede , retreat, retrograde
retrench shorten, abbreviate, abridge, curtail, cut, cut back
retribution retaliation, reprisal, revenge, vengeance
revenge avenge, redress, venge, vindicate
revere adore, reverence, venerate, worship
revive restore, resuscitate, revivify, recall, reestablish, reinstate
ribald crude, offensive
ridicule deride, lout, mock, scout, taunt
rife prevalent, regnant, abounding, overflowing, replete, swarming, teeming, thronged
rile upset,roil,irritate
rive tear , cleave, rend, rip, split
robust flourishing, healthy, strong, full-bodied
rookie novice, apprentice, beginner, colt, freshman, neophyte, tyro
rubicund ruddy, florid, flush, flushed, full-blooded, sanguine
rudimentary elementary, beginning, elemental, rudimental
rue regret, deplore, repent.
ruminate ponder , chaw, deliberate, muse, revolve, roll, turn over
rumple crumple , crinkle, rimple, wrinkle
rupture breach , break, fissure, fracture, rent, rift, schism
sabotage subvert, undermine, wreck
sacrilege profanation, blasphemy, desecration, violation
saddle charge, cumber, encumber, lade, load, task, tax, weigh, weight
sagacious wise, discerning,knowledgeable, shrewd, astute, perspicacious
salient noticeable, arresting, conspicuous, prominent
salubrious healthful, healthy, hygienic, salutary,wholesome
salutary healthful, healthy, hygienic, salubrious, wholesome,beneficial
sanction approve,certify,endorse
sap attenuate, blunt, cripple, debilitate, disable, enfeeble, undermine
sate satiate, cloy, glut, gorge, stodge, surfeit
satiate cloy, glut, gorge, jade, sate, stodge, surfeit
saturate soak , drench, impregnate, sodden, sop, souse, steep, waterlog
saturnine sullen, dour, gloomy, glum, morose, sulky, surly, ugly
saunter amble,drift,linger,stroll
savvy shrewd, astucious, astute, perspicacious, sagacious
scant short, deficient, inadequate, insufficient, scanty, scarce
scathing caustic, mordant, trenchant
scoff scoff, jeer, gibe, fleer, sneer, flout
scorch burn,parch,devastate
scorn despise, abhor, contemn, disdain, scout
scrappy quarrelsome, battlesome,belligerent, bellicose, contentious, militant,pugnacious
scrawl scribble
scrupulous upright,conscientious , painstaking, punctilious
scrutinize scrutinize, scan, inspect, examine
scurrilous abusive,invective,truculent,vituperative;obscene, indecent
scurvy contemptible, beggarly, cheap, despicable, mean, shabby
secluded cloistered, hermetic, recluse, seclusive, sequestered
sedate serious, earnest, grave, sober, solemn, staid
seduce lure, allure, bait, entice, entrap, inveigle
sedulous assiduous, diligent, industrious
seminal one of the most seminal of the great poets
sepulchral mortuary
sequester isolate,seclude
sere dry, arid, droughty, moistureless
serene composed, easy, easygoing, placid, poised, self-composed, self-possessed, tranquil
severe ascetic, astringent, stern, austere, dour, brutal, inclement
shackle fetter,impede,hamper
shallow shoal, superficial
sham fictitious,counterfeit, artificial
shoal shallow, superficial
shopworn trite, clich, hackneyed, stale, timeworn
shrewd shrewd,sagacious,perspicacious,astute,savvy
shun escape, avoid, elude, eschew, evade
signal noticeable, conspicuous, outstanding, prominent, remarkable, salient
simper smirk
sin evil,crime,iniquity,wrongdoing
sinuous winding, convoluted, flexuous, meandering, serpentine, tortuous
skimp scrimp, scrape, screw, spare, stint
slight neglect, discount, disregard, forget, ignore, overlook
slink sneak, creep, gumshoe, lurk, pussyfoot, shirk, skulk, slide, snake, steal
slippery slick, lubricious, unstable; tricky
slipshod slovenly,careless,messy,raunchy,sloppy, unkempt, unneat, untidy
sloppy slovenly, careless, messy, slipshod, unkempt, unneat, untidy
sloth idleness, indolence, slouch, sluggishness
slovenly slovenly, careless, disheveled, slipshod, sloppy, unkempt, untidy
sluggish lethargic,slumberous,stupid,torpid;slow
slur malign, defame, denigrate, smear
sly artful, astute, crafty, cunning, foxy, guileful, subtle, tricky
smarmy sleek,glossy, polished
smirk simper,smirkle
smug complacent, self-complacent, self-contented, self-pleased, self-satisfied
sneer leer,scoff, flout, gibe, gird, jest, quip(at), scout(at)
soak drench, saturate, sodden, sop, souse, steep, wet, deluge
sodden wet, drenched, saturated, soaked
solace comfort, cheer, console
solicitous eager, anxious, ardent, avid, impatient, keen
solidify harden , concrete, congeal
solitude solitude, isolation, seclusion
somatic bodily, carnal, corporal, corporeal, physical
soothe calm, allay, balm, compose, lull, tranquilize
sophism fallacy,deception,delusion, sophistry,speciousness, spuriousness
sound healthy,whole,stable,valid
sparse meager,poor, scant, scanty
spate flood, deluge,torrent
specious false, erroneous, inaccurate, incorrect, unsound, sophistic
spendthrift prodigal, profligate, squanderer, unthrift, wastrel
spleen malice, despite,grudge, maliciousness
spontaneous automatic, impulsive, instinctive, unmeditated, unpremeditated
sporadic infrequent, few, occasional
sprain turn, twist, wrench
sprightly lively,spirited alert, animate, keen, vivacious
spur urge, exhort, goad, prod, prompt, propel
spurious apocryphal, unauthentic, ungenuine
spurn decline, disapprove, refuse, reject, reprobate, repudiate
squabble spat,tiff,quarrel
squalid dirty, black, foul, impure, nasty, soily
squelch squash, quell
stagnant static, immobile, stationary
staid sober, grave
stalwart strong,stout,sturdy,tenacious,tough,steadfast
stamina strength,tolerance,endurance,toleration
stanza strophe
startle frighten,alarm,fright,scare
static immobile,stagnant,stationary
steadfast faithful,constant,abiding,inflexible
steep saturate, soak, immerse
stentorian earsplitting, raucous, strident,stentorious
sterile barren,impotent, infecund, infertile
stiff immalleable, impliable, incompliant, rigid, obstinate
stifle suppress,suffocate
stigma stain, blur, brand, slur, spot
stilted bombastic, genteel, affected, mincing, pretentious
stint scrimp, pinch, skimp, spare
stingy mingy, miserly,niggard,parsimonious,penurious
stipple speckle, dot, freckle, speck
stock supply, inventory, store,reserve, hoard ;standard
stodgy dull, dreary, humdrum, monotonous, pedestrian
stoic apathetic,dull,impassive, phlegmatic, stolid
stomach abide, bear,brook, endure, swallow, tolerate
stouthearted brave , bold, courageous, dauntless, intrepid,valiant
stratagem trick ,artifice, device, feint, ploy, wile
stray deviate, digress, depart, divagate, diverge, wander
strength power, potency, sinew
striate streak, stripe
stricture animadversion, aspersion, obloquy
strident harsh, grating, raucous, stridulous
stringent rigid, draconian,ironhanded, rigorous, strict
strip denude, disrobe, unclothe, undress
strut prance,swagger
stultify stagnate, stifle, trammel
stunt dwarf, suppress
sturdy strong,stalwart,stout,tenacious,tough
stygian hellish,infernal,gloomy
subdue conquer,crush,defeat,subjugate,vanquish
subject citizen,national
subjugate conquer , crush, defeat, subdue, vanquish
sublime grand, exalted, lofty, superb
submerge deluge,douse,immerse,inundate,overwhelm
submissive tame, domestic, domesticated, subdued
subordinate dependent, secondary, subject, under
subservient menial, obeisant, obsequious, servile
subside abate, die, lull, wane
subsidiary auxiliary, accessory, subservient
subsidy appropriation, grant, subvention
substantiate embody,materialize, confirm, authenticate, corroborate,verify
subterfuge deception, chicane, chicanery, fraud, trickery
subvert sabotage, undermine, wreck
succinct concise, brief, compendious, curt, laconic
succor help, aid, assist, assistance, relief
suffocate asphyxiate, choke, smother, stifle
suffuse flush,fill,infuse,imbue,ingrain,steep
sulk grump, pet, pout, sull
summary concise, compendious, curt, laconic, succinct
summit top, apex, crest, peak, roof
summon convoke, assemble, convene
sumptuous luxurious, luxuriant, opulent, palatial
sunder separate, disjoin, disjoint, disunite
supercilious proud, arrogant, disdainful, haughty, insolent, overbearing
superficial shallow, shoal
superfluous excess, extra, spare, surplus
supple plastic, adaptable, ductile, malleable, pliable, pliant
supplant displace, usurp
supplement appendix, addendum
supplicate beg, appeal, beseech, crave, entreat, plead
supposition assumption, postulate, premise, presumption
suppress crush, annihilate, extinguish, quash, quell
surfeit excess, overabundance, overflow, plethora, surplus
surrender relinquish, abandon, cede, resign, yield
surreptitious secret, clandestine, covert, furtive, stealthy
suspend exclude, bar, bate, debar, eliminate, except
swagger lord, cock, peacock, pontificate, swank, swell
swear curse,execrate,imprecate
sweltering hot,scorching, sultry, torrid
swerve depart, deviate, digress, diverge
swill drink,guzzle
swindle cheat, beat, cozen, defraud
swing oscillate, pendulate, sway
sybarite voluptuary, sensualist,hedonist
sycophant parasite, sycophant, toady
syllabus compendium, digest, sketch
symmetry balance, harmony, proportion
synchronous contemporary, coexistent,concurrent,contemporaneous, simultaneous
synergic cooperative, coacting, coactive, conjoint
synopsis abridgment, abstract, brief, condensation
synthesis harmonize, blend, integrate
tacit implicit, inferred, undeclared, unexpressed
taciturn silent , close, reserved, reticent, uncommunicative
tact diplomacy,tactfulness,adroitness,acumen
tactile tangible , palpable, touchable
tactless brash, impolitic, maladroit, undiplomatic, unpolitic, untactful
taint blur, smear, smudge, stain, tarnish
tangent tangential
tangible perceptible, appreciable, detectable, discernible, palpable, sensible
tantalize tease worry, annoy, beleaguer,harass, plague
tantamount same, duplicate, equivalent, identical
taper decrease, abate, close, dwindle, lessen
tardy lated, overdue, unpunctual
tarnish soil, stain dull , fade, pale
tasty palatable, appetizing, good-tasting, relishing, tasteful
tatty cheap, base, common, paltry, rubbishy, shoddy
taunt ridicule, deride, lout, mock, scout
taut tight , close, tense
tawdry gaudy, blatant, brazen, garish, glaring, meretricious
taxing onerous, burdensome, demanding, grievous, tough
tear rush , boil, dash, lash, race, shoot
tedious irksome, boresome, boring, drudging, tiresome
teeter falter, lurch, stagger, stammer, stumble
telling valid, cogent, convincing, sound
temerity rashness, recklessness, assurance, audacity, brashness, nerve
temperate conservative , discreet, moderate, restrained, unextreme
tempestuous stormy, turbulent ,wild , blustering, raging
tenable defendable, defensible
tenacious strong , stalwart, stout, sturdy, tough
tendentious biased , colored, jaundiced, partial, prejudiced
tepid halfhearted, lukewarm, unenthusiastic
terminus end , cease, cessation, conclusion, termination
terror fear , alarm, dread, trepidation, trepidity 参考:terrorist 恐怖分子
terse concise, compendious, curt, laconic, succinct, summary
testimony attestation, confirmation, proof, testimonial, witness
theatrical dramatic , dramaturgic, histrionic, theatric
thorny nettlesome, prickly, spiny ,ticklish
threadbare shabby , dilapidated, dingy, faded, tattered
throng crowd , crush, multitude, press, squash
thwart frustrate , baffle, circumvent, foil, ruin
ticklish delicate , precarious, sensitive, touchy, tricky
tiff quarrel, altercation, dispute, spat, squabble
tightfisted stingy, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious
timeworn ancient , antediluvian, antique, hoary
timid shy , bashful, coy, demure, diffident
timorous timid , timorsome, undaring
tinker iddle , doodle, mess, puddle
tint color , hue, shade, tinge, tone
tirade diatribe, harangue
toady sycophant, toad
tonic invigorating, animating, exhilarative, stimulative
torpid lethargic, sluggish, slumberous, stupid
torpor lethargy , coma, dullness, languor, lassitude torpidity
torrid scalding, scorching, sizzling, sweltering
tractable obedient, amenable, docile, pliant
transcend surpass, better, exceed, outshine, outstrip
transfigure transform, commute, convert, metamorphose
transgress violate , breach, contravene, infringe, offend
transient ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, impermanent, transitory, volatile
transitory ransient, ephemeral, fleeting, impermanent, momentary, volatile
translucent transparent , clear, limpid, pellucid, see-through
transparent clear, limpid, pellucid, translucent
travail work , bullwork, drudgery, grind, slavery, toil
traverse travel , cover, pass (over), track
travesty caricature , burlesque, parody, take off
treacherous faithless, disloyal, false, perfidious, recreant, traitorous
trenchant incisive, biting, clear-cut, penetrating
trepidation fear, alarm, consternation, dismay, trepidity
trespass encroach, entrench, infringe, invade
tribute encomium, citation, eulogy, panegyric, salutation despot
trickle drip, distill, dribble, drop, trill, weep
trite bathetic, cliche, commonplace, hackneyed, shopworn, threadbare, timeworn
trivial petty , inconsequential, measly, paltry, puny, trifling
trophy remembrance , memento, memorial, relic, reminder, token
truce armistice, cease-fire, break, respite, reconciliation
truculent belligerent, fierce , barbarous, cruel, fell, ferocious, inhumane
trudge plod , plodge, slop, stodge, toil  比较:drudge 苦工 dredge 挖泥船
truncate top , crop, detruncate, pollard
tumult commotion , clamor, hassle, hubbub, turmoil, uproar
turbulent boisterous, disorderly, rambunctious, raucous,tumultuous, unruly
turgid bombastic, pompous ,inflated, flatulent, overblown, tumid, windy
tyro amateur , dabbler, dilettante, novice, apprentice, neophyte, rookie
ubiquitous omnipresent, allover, universal,  widespread
uncanny mysterious ,weird, eerie, spooky, unearthly
uncouth coarse , crass, crude, inelegant, raw, rough,vulgar
unctuous fulsome, oily, soapy, unctuous
undermine weaken, attenuate, blunt, cripple, debilitate, disable, enfeeble, sap
underscore emphasize, feature, italicize, stress, underline
underdog victim , bottom dog, casualty, prey
unexceptionable decent, acceptable, adequate, sufficient, unexceptional, unimpeachable
unflappable cool ,  composed, disimpassioned, imperturbable, nonchalant, unruffled
ungainly clumsy , awkward, lumbering, lumpish
unimpeachable reproachable, blameless, decent, acceptable, adequate, common, satisfactory, sufficient
unkempt slovenly, disheveled, ill-kempt, messy, slipshod, sloppy
unlettered ignorant, benighted, empty-headed, illiterate, uninstructed, unschooled,untutored
unpretentious plain, discreet, inelaborate, modest, unelaborate, unembellished
unproductive futile, abortive, bootless, ineffective, ineffectual, unavailing, vain
unruly indomitable, intractable, recalcitrant, undisciplined, unmanageable, untoward
untenable inexcusable, indefensible, inexpiable, unforgivable, unjustifiable
untold enormous, immense, prodigious, titanic, innumerable, countless, innumerous
untoward unlucky, hapless, misfortunate, star-crossed, unhappy
unwitting ignorant, incognizant, inconversant, unacquainted, unaware, uninformed
unwonted exceptional, extraordinary, singular, unimaginable, unique, unusual
upbraid reprimand, scold, berate, lash, rate, revile, vituperate
uphold support, advocate, back, champion, side (with)
urbane genteel, cultivated, cultured, polished, refined, well-bred
usurp arrogate , accroach, appropriate, assume, preempt
utter absolute, arrant, complete, sheer, entire
vacillate hesitate, falter, halt, stagger, waver, whiffle
vacuous empty, bare, clear, stark, vacant, void
vague obscure, ambiguous, equivocal, opaque, unclear, unexplicit, unintelligible
valiant audacious, bold, courageous, intrepid, undaunted, valorous
valid cogent, convincing, satisfactory, solid, sound, telling
vanquish conquer, crush, defeat, overpower, subdue, subjugate
vapid insipid, flat, inane, innocuous, jejune, sapless
variance difference, variation
vaunt boast, blow, brag, crow, mouth, prate
veer turn , avert, deflect, divert, pivot, sheer,  whirl
vehement intense , concentrated, desperate, exquisite, fierce, furious
venal bribable, corruptible, mercenary ,purchasable
veneer mask, cover, disguise, facade, face, veil
venerate revere, adore, reverence, worship
venial excusable, forgivable, pardonable, remittable
venom poison, bane, contagion, virus
verbatim direct, directly, literally, word for word
verbose wordy, diffuse, prolix, redundant, windy
verify confirm, authenticate, corroborate, justify, substantiate, validate
veritable authentic, genuine, indubitable, real, undoubted, unquestionable
vernacular colloquial, vulgar, vulgate
versatile adaptable, ambidextrous, mobile, myriad-minded
vestige memento, relic, shadow, trace
veteran experienced, old, practical, practiced, skilled, versed
veto kill, negative
vex annoy, abrade, bother, fret, gall, irk, provoke
viable possible, feasible, practicable, workable
vicious wrong, evil, immoral, iniquitous, reprobate, sinful, wicked
vicissitude change, innovation, mutation, novelty
victimize dupe, bamboozle, fool, gull, hoax, hoodwink, pigeon, trick
virtuoso expert, artist, artiste, authority,dabster, master
vitiate debased, corrupted, depraved, perverted, vitiated
vituperate scold , berate, lash, rail, rate, revile, upbraid
vociferous vociferous, clamorous, blatant, strident, boisterous, obstreperous
voluble glib, vocative, fluent;talkative
voluminous large;full;numerous
voluptuous sensuous, epicurean, luscious, lush, luxurious, sensual
voracious edacious, gluttonous, rapacious, ravening, ravenous
wane abate , die (down or away), ebb, moderate, slacken, subside
warp deform, contort, distort, misshape, torture, wind
wheedle coax, banter, blandish, cajole, soft-soap, sweet-talk,
whet sharpen, edge, hone,sharp
whimsical arbitrary, capricious, erratic, vagarious
wholesome healthful, hygienic, salubrious, salutary
wickedness evil, sin, wrong
wince recoil, blanch, blench, flinch, quail, shrink
winsome sweet, dulcet, engaging, winning,entrancing
wither shrivel, welter, wilt, wizen
wizen wither, shrivel, welter, wilt
wretched woeful , afflicted, doleful, dolorous, miserable, rueful, sorrowful
zenith apex , acme, apogee, climax, culmination, peak, pinnacle, summit
zesty pungent, peppery, piquant, poignant, snappy
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