To Be With You
曲名:To Be With You     歌手:Westlife

to be loved - westlife - World Of Our Own
westlife--to be loved
edited by starsky
the song of a little bird
the joy in three little words
i know it's real
that's how it feels
to be loved by you
the stars from a midnight sky
the melody from a lullaby
there's nothing real
that i wouldn't steal
to be loved by you
to be loved by you
if everybody knows
it's only 'cause it shows
a smile to
weiking   2006-03-20 22:00:20 评论:2   阅读:832   引用:0
To 马丁 @2006-03-21 18:21:40  weiking
见笑了,借用他人的。 ,UU地带...
你的设计挺好!!! @2006-03-21 18:14:37  马丁
  你的设计挺好!!!css 很多人不会用,应该做个帮助啊!我想试试呢





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