英文日常吵架用语 Daily use expressions in quarrals
一百多句,够用了吧?转引自SongVision's Blog

1. Stop complaining! 別發牢騷!
2. You make me sick! 你真讓我噁心!
3. What’s wrong with you? 你怎麼回事?
4. You shouldn’t have done that! 你真不應該那樣做!
5. You’re a jerk! 你是個廢物/混球!
6. Don’t talk to me like that! 別那樣和我說話!
7. Who do you think you are? 你以為你是誰?
8. What’s your problem? 你怎麼回事啊?
9. I hate you! 我討厭你 !
10. I don’t want to see your face! 我不願再見到你!

11. You’re crazy! 你瘋了!
12. Are you insane/crazy/out of your mind? 你瘋了嗎?(美國人絕對常用!)
13. Don’t bother me. 別煩我。
14. Knock it off. 少來這一套。
15. Get out of my face. 從我面前消失!
16. Leave me alone. 走開。
17. Get lost .滾開!
18. Take a hike! 哪兒涼快哪兒歇著去吧。
19. You piss me off. 你氣死我了。
20. It’s none of your business. 關你屁事!

21. What’s the meaning of this? 這是什麼意思?
22. How dare you! 你敢!
23. Cut it out. 省省吧。
24. You stupid jerk! 你這蠢豬!
25. You have a lot of nerve. 臉皮真厚。
26. I'm fed up. 我厭倦了。
27. I can’t take it anymore. 我受不了了!(李陽老師常用)
28. I’ve had enough of your garbage. 我聽膩了你的廢話。
29. Shut up! 閉嘴!
30. What do you want? 你想怎麼樣?

31. Do you know what time it is? 你知道現在都幾點嗎?
32. What were you thinking? 你腦子進水啊?
33. How can you say that? 你怎麼可以這樣說?
34. Who says? 誰說的?
35. That’s what you think! 那才是你腦子裏想的!
36. Don’t look at me like that. 別那樣看著我。
37. What did you say? 你說什麼?
38. You are out of your mind. 你腦子有毛病!
39. You make me so mad.你氣死我了啦。
40. Drop dead. 去死吧!

41. I don't give a shit. 我才不管(理都不理)呢。
42. Don’t give me your ****. 別跟我胡扯。
43. Don’t give me your excuses/ No more excuses. 別找借口。
44. You’re a pain in the ass. 你這討厭鬼。
45. You’re an asshole. 你這缺德鬼。
46. You bastard! 你這雜種!
47. Get over yourself. 別自以為是。
48. You’re nothing to me. 你對我什麼都不是。
49. It’s not my fault. 不是我的錯。
50. You look guilty. 你看上去心虛。

51. I can’t help it. 我沒辦法。
52. That’s your problem. 那是你的問題。
53. I don’t want to hear it. 我不想聽!
54. Get off my back. 少跟我囉嗦。
55. Give me a break. 饒了我吧。
56. Who do you think you’re talking to? 你以為你在跟誰說話?
57. Look at this mess! 看看這爛攤子!
58. You’ re so careless. 你真粗心。
59. Why on earth didn’t you tell me the truth? 你到底為什麼不跟我說實話?
60. I’m about to explode! 我肺都快要氣炸了!

61. What a stupid idiot! 真是白痴一個!
62. I’m not going to put up with this! 我再也受不了啦!
63. I never want to see your face again! 我再也不要見到你!
64. That’s terrible. 真糟糕!
65. Just look at what you’ve done! 看看你都做了些什麼!
66. I wish I had never met you. 我真後悔這輩子遇到你!
67. You’re a disgrace. 你真丟人!
68. I’ll never forgive you! 我永遠都不會饒恕你!
69. Don’t nag me! 別在我面前嘮叨!
70. I’m sick of it. 我都膩了。

71. You’re such a ! 你這個婊子!
72. Stop screwing/fooling/ messing around! 別鬼混了!
73. Mind your own business! 管好你自己的事!
74. You’re just a good for nothing bum! 你真是一個廢物!/ 你一無是處!
75. You’ve gone too far! 你太過分了!
76. I loathe you! 我討厭你!
77. I detest you! 我恨你!
78. Get the hell out of here! 滾開!
79. Don’t be that way! 別那樣!
80. Can’t you do anything right? 成事不足,敗事有餘。

81. You’re impossible. 你真不可救藥。
82. Don’t touch me! 別碰我!
83. Get away from me! 離我遠一點兒!
84. Get out of my life. 我不願再見到你。/ 從我的生活中消失吧。
85. You’re a joke! 你真是一個小醜!
86. Don’t give me your attitude. 別跟我擺架子。
87. You’ll be sorry. 你會後悔的。
88. We’re through. 我們完了!
89. Look at the mess you’ve made! 你搞得一團糟!
90. You’ve ruined everything. 全都讓你搞砸了。

91. I can’t believe your never . 你好大的膽子!
92. You’re away too far. 你太過分了。
93. I can’t take you any more! 我再也受不了你啦!
94. I’m telling you for the last time! 我最後再告訴你一次!
95. I could kill you! 我宰了你!
96. That’s the stupidest thing I've ever heard! 那是我聽到的最愚蠢的事。
97. I can’t believe a word you say. 我才不信你呢!
98. You never tell the truth!你從來就不說實話!
99. Don’t push me ! 別逼我!
100. Enough is enough! 夠了夠了!

101. Don’t waste my time anymore. 別再浪費我的時間了!
102. Don’t make so much noise. I’m working. 別吵,我在幹活。
103. It’s unfair. 太不公平了。
104. I’m very disappointed. 真讓我失望。
105. Don’t panic! 別怕!
106. What do you think you are doing? 你知道你在做什麼嗎?
107. Don’t you dare come back again! 你敢再回來!
108. You asked for it. 你自找的。
109. Nonsense! 鬼話!
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