malaysia tour
Recent days ,i traveled with a academic group visiting East-malaysia.Thought almost third of native people are chinese(so called),but I feel living in an absolutely strange society.

Language is not the problem,chinese is one of the main communication methods here.What most impressed me is the serenity and happy of there people.

The incoming of native people is about 2000`4000 each, so they can enjoying a grace life.All the families own at least one car, which most are made in native, and only the rich drive Benz or BMW.

Employe rate of this city is amazingly high and only 3% people have no occupations now.At the same time ,there is about 400 thousand job available. I find no begger thoughout the city, if the wondering dogs is not included.

Some elite officer ,manage and educator of this city intensively hold the growth speed,or peoples maybe even richer but can bring unexpected problem at the same time too.At deep night ,I lingered on street, and no one will astonished my exitence.But I can definitely see some girls from mainland eagered on undescent profeesion here.Maybe this is one of the unwanted byproduct of rich soceity.
I type this article at a on-line station, noising and dim,but the young here are as happy as mainlan.The most regret maybe the fact that online station will close at about 9 pm.
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无题 @2005-05-30 19:18:01  idiot
oh,coffee is here .
i wonder where is coffee these days.

it is just that he is in a beautiful country,far away from us.
Happy trip! @2005-05-30 15:43:01  hofman
Greate! I wish you could share with us some wonderful pictures!





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